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Vestax Controller ONE

Vestax Controller ONE

Hybrid MIDI turntable with Quartz Direct Drive high torque motor, controlled by 32bit CPU processor and digital servo system, MIDI interface, linear A.S.T.S. DSP adjustable tonearm, 2x 8 octave MIDI keys, pitch control up to ± 60%, pitch bend, reverse, acceleration adjustment.

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Controller One is no ordinary turntable like the others, it is a musical instrument for DJs! The experience in the development of this product of the world's top DJs, D-Styles and Ricci Rucker was evaluated by the Japanese Vestax in the development of Controller One. Thanks to the concept of this hybrid turntable, you can use the turntable as a musical instrument for the first time in history. Two rows of 8 octave MIDI keys in combination with a dual pedal controller act as a musical instrument and MIDI controller. If you play the keyboard, you will immediately understand how to handle this product. The principle is well illustrated by a graphical sketch of functions (see photo gallery below). You can play it as if you were changing the keys on the keyboard wit your hand. view full description »

The extremely powerful 24-pole synchronous AC motor Direct Drive with Quartz system and torque (up to 4.7 kg / cm) reaches a constant speed in 0.5 sec. after pressing the Start button. The motor speed is sensed and constantly monitored by a digital servo controlled by a 32 bit CPU processor. Thanks to this technological innovation, the combination of a DC motor with a digital servo and the modification of the entire turntable plate casting, the Japanese Vestax optimized the ratio between the weight of the turntable and its inertia. This design has made playing from & nbsp; Controller One even more enjoyable and accurate. The turntable has a nominal speed selection LED indication plus a seven-segment three-digit alphanumeric display showing the rated speed to tenths.

Controller One is equipped with a linear Anti Skipping Tone-arm System (A.S.T.S.) arm with adjustable extra pressure on the transfer tip for the best possible sound and minimize stress on the transfer tip by physical centrifugal and centrifugal forces acting on the tip sensing the groove of the record. A.S.T.S. the linear arm ensures high sound quality and a stable recording process from a record. This entire original A.S.T.S. is made of high quality aluminum alloy and was designed by experienced developers especially for Vestax. The A.S.T.S. is popular worldwide, which testifies to its quality, and Vestax is, of course, protected by US patents. The extra DSP (Dynamic Stylus Pressure) pressure on the tip of up to 5 grams with the possibility of continuous regulation of this arm ensures that even during extreme turntablism, the contact of the tip and the groove of the gramophone record is 100% guaranteed.

The Controller One hybrid turntable has two rows of 8 octave MIDI keys, eight LED alphanumeric displays to display information about selected tones, two joysticks to instantly correct the change in speed (Pitch Bend). The JOG DIAL dial operates as a pitch control in PITCH MODE, acts as an encoder in NOTE mode, and allows you to change the selected note by a semitone down ( b ) or up (#). Controller One allows you to store the set pitch / note values ​​in a memory bank. Controller One can be connected to an external device via a standard 5-pin MIDI connector, but also allows custom MIDI mapping. & Nbsp; Controller One is a unique turntable - the Controller One musical instrument. The product is produced in two color shades; the chassis is made of one piece & nbsp; of noble mahogany with a surface finish of either lacquered black "piano black" (BLK) or lacquered natural mahogany (MHG). It comes with an extensive publication full of tips and tricks on how to use all the possibilities that the device offers.



  • professional hybrid turntable with Direct Drive, Quartz System and MIDI control
  • extreme motor torque, controlled by a 32 bit CPU processor and digital servo
  • linear 100mm fader  with range switching: pitch ±8%, ±10%, ±60%
  • optimization of the ratio between the weight of the plate and the torque of the motor
  • torque control and torque setting of the electric disc brake
  • engine reverse button, LED indication of nominal speed selection
  • alphanumeric 7 segment. LED display showing rated speed incl. decimal place
  • 8 octave MIDI keys in two rows, each key has a range of 2 octaves
  • 8 alphanumeric 7 segments. LED displays showing selected tones and semitones
  • 5 memory banks for storing selected pitch values or tones
  • JOG DIAL to adjust pitch change and tone change by halftone ( b ) or up ( # )
  • height-adjustable linear arm A.S.T.S. (Anti Skipping Tone arm System, US patent)
  • A.S.T.S. arm equipped with continuously adjustable D.S.P. pressure on the stylus up to 5 g
  • MIDI interface (possibility to connect the turntable to any MIDI device)
  • robust legs with rubber and air bags (better absorption of undesirable factors)
  • TRS 3.5 output for foot connection remote control pedal (START / STOP)
  • chassis made of noble mahogany wood with lacquered piano black / nature surface
  • two color variants - natural mahogany (MHG), piano black lacquered (BLK)



Engine 24-pole synchronous AC motor, Quartz System, controlled by 32bit CPU processor + digital servo
Drive type Direct Drive
Torque >4,7 kg/cm
Nominal speed 33⅓ RPM, 45 RPM
Rise to NS <0,5 sec. (33⅓ ot/min) 70°
Abberation <0,07% W.R.M.S
Pitch mode ±8% / ±10% / ±60%
Note mode C, D, E, F, G, A, H, C / halftones up (#) and down (b)
Tone arm A.S.T.S. (Anti Skipping Tone arm System),linear with continuously adjustable DSP extra pressure on the stylus
Max.pressure ≤7 g standard,  DSP (Dynamic Stylus Pressure) +5 g extra
Frequency 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz (±3 dB)
Crosstalk >65 dB
Distance S/N >78 dB (IEC 98WTD)
Power supply AC 100 V - 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 25 W
Dimension 454 x 162 x 365 mm
Weight 12,9 kg
Accessories Footswitch controll (double pedal control)*



PAID SERVICE USER MANUALVestax Controller ONE - user manual





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