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Vestax DF-50 Pro KIT

Vestax DF-50 Pro KIT

Replacement original Japan DF-50 Pro KIT for professional mixers. KIT with 4 rotating channel faders consists of high quality ALPS™ Japan rotary faders and top cover panel with large aluminum knobs, designed for mixers Vestax PMC-50 / PMC-55 Series. They are suitable for some characters and styles of music mixing.

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Vestax DF-50 Pro KIT are replacement ALPS™ rotary input faders completely mounted on a PCB board with MOLEX / JST connectors with a top cover panel and it is equipped large aluminum knobs with marked line (groove) to fit the mixers PMC-50 and PMC-55 (4 channel HQ rotary faders). Rotary faders are supplied as KIT assembled. They are designed for easy user replacement instead of original factory INPUT CHANNEL SLIDE FADERS. They are suitable for some characters and styles of music mixing.

N O T I C E:  For specialized service repairs we have on sale PART versions - small service for Vestax DF-50 Pro KIT. They are factory assembled PCBs desk with original ALPS Japan rotary potentiometers and MOLEX/JST connectors for quick connection on the mixers mainboard, fitted like DF-50 Pro KIT. Type named  Vestax SRF-50A . For purchase original rotary knob for DF KIT you must go to the "Knobs and Buttons section.

infoidea Tip: If you're not sure about the right choice, consult our customer support before your purchasing.

info-attention-icon.png NOTICE: This premium product is manufactured and assembled manually only to order.



  • replacement rotary 4-channel fader KIT designed for PMC-50 / PMC-55 Series professional club mixer
  • precise quality and top performance of Vestax ALPS™ JAPAN brand professional faders
  • serves as a replacement for the slide faders fitted to the mixers listed above
  • quick user replacement with built-in MOLEX / JST connectors on PCB
  • DF-50 PRO KIT for mixing consoles Vestax PMC-50A / PMC-55A
  • it is equipped large aluminum knobs with marked line (groove)
  • top cover panels may differ by shade of color, printed lines



Type DF-50 Pro KIT designed for mixing consolles Vestax PMC-50 / PMC-55 Series (A)
Specification ALPS™ Japan rotary faders mounted on KIT, incl. aluminium knobs DF-500 FXS
Design High Quality binary aluminium top cover, anodized gloss finish
Connection JST 2.0 connectors on PCB´s  for connecting via cables
Dimension 235 x 112 x 98 mm (incl. shipping box)
Weight 0,410 g (btto)
Accessories 4 pcs screws M3, instructions to wiring



PDF soubor Tables of original spare parts & accessories Vestax (349 kB)
PDF soubor Tables compatibility CF, IF, PF, RF Vestax (1,85 MB)




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  1. Mr (Cass, 27 Apr 2021 10:29:48) Reply | Show replies

    Will you be getting the DF 50 kit back in?

    1. Re: Mr (Vestax ADMIN, 23 Oct 2021 18:23:48) Reply

      Unfortunately, we have no news yet that this product has returned to sale. However, it is possible that a limited series of DF-50Pro KIT could be put on sale next year.

  2. Top cover panel (mts, 22 Oct 2021 10:12:02) Reply | Show replies

    Any chance of having the top cover panel only ? I would like to buy if the DF kit never goes back in.
    Thank you

    1. Re: Top cover panel (Vestax ADMIN, 23 Oct 2021 18:20:42) Reply

      It is not yet known whether this product will be resold. We'll check with our service department to see if they have a faceplate / top cover panel there. If we find an empty top cover panel, we will write to you.

  3. Vestax DF-50 (Rainer Ellsaesser, 31 Jan 2022 15:19:34) Reply

    wll this item be produced in future?
    Is there any chance to ge such an itm?
    Best Regards

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