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Complaint - Return Policy 

Here we provide important information on how to proceed properly when claiming goods. Please pay attention to this information, allowing us to significantly speed up the entire claim process. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, Vestax spare parts cannot be returned!  It only applies to finished Vestax products - mixers, MIDI controllers, turntables, headphones, USB sound cards or Vestax accessories.


If you happen to find out after purchase that all is not right, follow the Complaint procedure. Regarding the complaint received shipments or product defects during the warranty period, please use Service/Complaint Protocol.

If this is a claim for return of goods purchased in our e-shop, then go to the page Cession from the contract  (this provision applies only to end customers, non-business customers e.g business companies with ID/VAT Reg).

The returned product / shipment must be sent to the address of the warehouse, from which it was delivered to you! The address of the warehouse will also be communicated to you in an email in which we will confirm the acceptance of the complaint process. 

Shipping costs for the return of goods are paid by the customer. This applies even if it is a replacement of the goods. If it is a claim for goods under warranty, in accordance with Article VII Terms & Conditions, new or repaired goods will be sent free of charge.  


  1. If you send your  product by post or shipping company, the "SERVICE" must be clearly marked on the package.
  2. If you send more than one product in package, the package must contain a list of items. 
  3. Please attach the original original warranty card or proof of purchase and a cover letter with a precise description of the defect or how the malfunction occurred. 
  4. We recommend to insure the shipment against damage!
  5. Defective goods should be sent exclusively by clean, devoid of obvious dirt and sanitized. We are entitled to refuse to accept any goods that will not comply with these principles. How to wrap the package ?

Warranty claim - what the shipment must include:

  • defective / returned product, which is complete with accessories
  • if possible, product packed in their original packaging
  • invoice number - Purchase document (if warranty claims are applied)
  • original Vestax warranty card (if warranty claim applies)
  • accurate description of when and how the failure of the product shows


We have the option of following you online when you receive our service. This gives you instant feedback on what's going on with your device, how to continue servicing, and see the real term in which your fix will be completed, against the projected estimate set when the service contract was accepted. Service Order Status Online .

NOTICE: Access to Service Order Status online customer receives automatically via e-mail after receiving the device for our service center department.


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