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asekolMember of the ASEKOL, association, which provides for the take-back of electrical and electronic equipment through a network of collection points and the financing of take-back and separate collection of waste electronic equipment.


RoHSAll of our new products originating from countries outside the EU and distributed in the Czech and Slovak Republic comply with the RoHS Directive prohibiting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products.


ecobatWe ship portable batteries and accumulators to the market, and at the same time provide for the back-up of supplied portable batteries and accumulators through an authorized ECOBAT collective system.


eko-komThe company participated in the EKO-KOM system, ensuring the collection, sorting and recovery of packaging waste and contributing to the financing of the costs associated with the collection, storage, sorting and utilization of packaging waste.

Green Energy

Zelená energieOur company support local project CEZ Group's Green Energy, which aims to support beneficial nonprofit projects contributing to environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions. We use energy saving appliances in the company.