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The best way to contact us is to use our contact forms. Before you ask, however, please look at the most frequently asked questions that our customers have already asked before you. It is likely that you will find the answer to your question in the FAQ section and you will not have to waste your time by asking again. Frequently asked (FAQ) can be found here.



The fastest and the most reliable way to join us. Did not find the answer to your question in the answer center of the FAQ? Two heads are better than one. Together we find the answer, do not be afraid to ask. Ask for your order, price, or ordering options. Ask Customer Support.



Get help installing hardware and software, launching a new product, older or discontinued product or upgrading selected products. If you need technical assistance with your Vestax product, go to the FAQ section. This is a prepaid service, using the Helpdesk form.



If you have any questions regarding the after-warranty service or warranty repair of your Vestax device, ordering repair or shipping the goods for complaint,  contact the Vestax Service Center. Contact our Service Center Vestax.



Did you find a bug on our site? We're so sorry. If you have found a bug in our e-shop, a broken link, incorrect product description or inaccurate data, missing price or incorrect HTML page or component behavior, please send short message via Report for head webmaster.



Do you need to deal with business or contact the operating department, in case administrative and operational matters? In such cases, please contact our B2C business and marketing support lines. This service is reserved for registered customers. Using the B2C Sales Sup. form.



Do you need technical advice, do you need a technical consultation, or do you have a specific technical query about your product? If you are a registered customer with a Vestax PFA card, use the Direct Helpdesk technical support telephone line. Contacts can be form here.