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Payment options

A comprehensive description of how to pay for goods and services in our shop. Read TERMS AND CONDITIONS Vestax Japan Megastore here.



STRIPE payment  
  • Stripe - available to all customers. You can use popular international service to payment Stripe allows payment by many types of credit cards. You can pay by credit card, debit card or other common ways of shopping online worldwide.
  • When you can paying online at Vestax store via payment card, choose option "Payment  via STRIPE". Global support in a range of languages and in many world currencies. Simple payment. About Stripe, click here.


WISE payment  
  • Wise - available for purchases over 100 $. You can use an international service to transfer money WISE where you get an even better exchange rate in money transfer (formerly known as TransferWise). The same secure like e.g. PayPal, allows payment by credit card.
  • Make a one-off payment. You´ll get the real exchange rate with the low fee we´re know for. Track your transfer any time, anywhere by using our Money Tracker on your web or mobile device. Global support in a range of languages. No hidden fees. No bad exchange rates. No surprises. How to use, Watch the video.


PayPal payment  
  • PayPal - available for established customers. This option is valid only for established customers, who shop repeatedly in our Vestax Megastore - this option is activated after the 3rd purchase per 1 year.
  • When you can paying online at Vestax store via PayPal, choose option "PayPal - send me a money request". After successfull sending your order, comes to your email request  for payment of your order via PayPal account. More detailed information about the payment system click here.


BANK transfer  
  • Bank transfer − available only to B2B partners. The system is one of the high security payment. It integrates different types any payment methods including payment using all types accounts. Exchange rates monitored ECB.
  • We accept bank transfer payments. The reason: it's more cheaper, than all card payment methods (the fees charged by card issuer shopers would have to reflect in the prices of products). Bank transfer brings more faster order processing and cheaper shipping for you - this applies worldwide. Current exchange rate.


We support Open ID  
  • OpenID − Our server and e shop supports the OpenID service. The OpenID service is compatible with the international security format to an authorized user login.
  • You will not have to remember dozens of login names and passwords on a variety of websites and other emails. You will have a single name and password that will allow you to safely sign in to your favorite sites and eshops from any computer or mobile device. More information click here.


Verified by VISA  
  • Verified by Visa − Our e-shop using international WISE method payment, is also Verified by Visa security protects in all countries from which you pay using a card online.
  • This security protects your card when you shop online over the Internet with a personal message and secondly with a personal secret password. Shopping alone is, however, very simple and absolutely safe. All the benefits of services Verified by Visa securely more information click here.


MasterCard SecureCode  
  • MasterCard SecureCode − Our e-shop supported the special security technology for online purchases called MasterCard® SecureCode™ for WISE method payment.
  • Thanks to this system, which can be set up directly on a payment card, you can pay online and with cards that are not normally available via the Internet. All the benefits of the MasterCard® SecureCode™ International Electronic Payment Protection Online Service clearly more information click here.


SSL Certified Secure Transaction  
  • SSL Protection Certified − Our e-shop and web site are secured by the world-renowned authority of GeoTrust® Inc. CA, USA, own SSL certificate.
  • SSL certificate 128-bit protects when shopping in an e-shop and sends data against interception or unauthorized misuse of personal information. SSL certificate provides greater security when viewing pages running on the latest version of HTTP/2. More information click here.