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Vestax Complete History

logo VestaxVestax's leading professional DJ technology was established in Tokyo in 1977 as Shiino Musical Instruments Corporation. The name Vestax was inspired by ancient mythology, Vesta was the Roman goddess of the sacred fire. The logo design of the company combines the letters V and X and comes from the Kabuki Japanese acting tradition. The company's original MI, focused on the production of musical instruments (such as world-renowned Japanese electric guitars and guitar preamplifiers), has gradually established itself as a company with the dynamic development and production of professional sound and recording technology. In 1982, the company launched the sale of the Japanese brands Teac (Tascam), and a few years later it founded its own branch of Vestax Fire USA and since then has used the existing Vestax trademark.

Few know that Vestax Corporation in 1988 started producing OEM products for brands such as Akai, Clarion, Yamaha and Teac. In the same year, he also founded another branch, this time in England. Three years later, with his PMC-20 mixer, he won the competition and won the title "Best Mix of the Year" in England, and more successes are coming. All the time, Vestax is gaining ever more respect and recognition when it is consistently among the best brands of professional DJ technology. Vestax products regularly receive a variety of international "product of the year" award. Ten years ago, the PMC-05Pro has become the world-renowned standard of hip-hop counter. Aware of a wide range of disc jockeys and musicians, Vestax has also recorded his record players in the past. In 2000, at the time of Vestax's biggest glory of vinyl records, he introduced the VRX-2000 recorder, which made it possible to professionally create a vinyl record with his own recording.view full text »

With the development of digital audio processing and the storage of sound recordings in new formats and the collapse of classical CDs with music production, the era of digital djing and controllers began. The controller is a device that replaces two to four CD players and a mixer - all in one chassis. The controller is connected to the computer via a USB cable, and MIDI protocol controls the software installed on the computer. This way you can mix and customize music tracks in digital MP3 format. Controllers also have an integrated sound card. They are convenient for disc jockeys who prefer only one device and computer instead of several CD players and a mixing console. This phenomenon has spread like digital djing. Vestax penetrated the field in 2006 when it launched the first professional USB MIDI controller VCI-100 that enabled disc jockeys to work live with music recordings stored on computers in MP3 audio format. Since then, Vestax has been among the world's leading manufacturers of digital MIDI consoles for computers and digital djing. The status of Japanese Vestax is also evidenced by the fact that as the only professional dj equipment manufacturer to cooperate intensely with Apple and produces for her the Vestax Spin MIDI controller that Apple recommends for its desktop PCs and Mac notebooks or the V-MIDI interface for iOS applications is for Apple iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® devices.

Leadership of Vestax shows the popularity among top professionals. With the Vestax brand, DJs such as Mix Master Mike, DJ Qbert, Tigerstyle, D-Styles, Carl Cox, Mijk Van Dijk, Kevin Saunderson, Jeff Mills, DJ Unkut and many others are joined by Vestax. Vestax has always maintained and maintained very close contact with the DJ scene; An example of this is our own Vestax Extravaganza. Vestax designs, consults, and thoroughly tests its products, from initial development through design to series production, along with leading world deejays and music producers. Innovation and creativity, these are the important features that characterize each Vestax idea and its implementation. The basic philosophy of this Japanese company is innovation, high technical quality, high value design, reliability, excellent sound.

Vestax's product portfolio maps more than thirty years of history and brand development from the earliest 1980s from the first PMC mixing consoles to the legendary PDX series of professional turntables, the outstanding consumer product in the form of the HandyTrax portable turntable, followed by the unique Vestax VRX-2000 vinyl recorder first signs of MIDI controllers such as the Vestax Faderboard or the first professional turntable combined with MIDI Controller One control. Another milestone in development was the hybrid gramophone combined with the Vestax QFO mixer. At the time of the greatest glory of CD carriers, the company produced, besides standard CD players, professional desktop CD recorders. The new trend is given by the Japanese brand in PC djing, when it launched the world's first professional USB MIDI controller Vestax VCI-100 in 2005. His success was followed by the successful MIDI controller series VCI-300, VCI-380 and VCI-400.

In the fall of the 2014 year Vestax Corporation announced the end of traditional production  of the legendary Japanese brand, which has since 1977 given a trend in professional sound engineering for djing.