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The Vestax service center is the best solution if everything is wrong with the product. Professionally trained professionals. Many years of experience. Quality diagnostic methods. Top software and hardware from the Japanese brand Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works® and the American brand Tektronix ™. Direct connection with production and suppliers of parts in Japan. Regular training of service technicians. Wide component base, over 1,500 spare parts items in stock. You will be able to monitor your service order online at any time and see the progress of the repair. 



If you have any questions regarding the service / repair of the Vestax device, please write to us using the form below. Always use the "Service / Complaint Protocol" form to order warranty or post-warranty repairs. This will speed up the processing of your order. Before ordering a repair for a specific product, first prepare the following information: 

  • type model of the Vestax device - you can choose from the menu when ordering a repair online 
  • serial serial number (from the original serial plate located on the device) 
  • the most accurate description of how and when the defect manifests itself 
  • date of purchase (or estimated age of the device) 
  • contact details (preferably telephone connection) 

NOTE: Before shipment, make sure that the shipment contains everything you need  - see Warranty Terms » Complaint . If you fill in the Service Protocol online, you do not have to attach any additional documents to your service shipment! 


infoideaTo speed up the process, we recommend ordering the repair exclusively via  Service protocol



You can monitor your repair online at any time after receiving it at our service. You will get immediate information about what is happening with your device, how the service work continues and you will see a real date in which your repair will be completed, compared to the planned estimate set when taking over the service order. Online Repair Monitoring  (Service Order Status) is our new service. The customer receives access to the Online service order status section automatically after receiving the device for service. 



If you want to find out only the price of a possible repair of the device after the warranty, or the price of spare parts that are not in the e-shop, use the following form to quickly process all requests. Keep in mind that prices are for guidance only. If you want the device to find out the exact defect, the repair budget and the opinion for the insurance company, a flat rate of  USD 75.00.  The standardized hourly rate of the Vestax professional service ranges from USD 50.00 to 75.00 (depending on the category).  For regular customers - owners of PFA VIP customer cards, a 20% discount applies to service and spare parts .



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