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21 Jun 2020

Restart and STOP HOAX

Dear customers, in the context of a slow ending worldwide pandemic Covid-19 we are going to reopen all our services from end of July/at the beginning of August. Because on some social networks in a particular minority group some peoples spreading lies, false news, HOAX about our store and business Vestax Japan Megastore Spare Parts, containing information that our store has ended and that we do not send any goods.  We resolutely reject these HOAX and lies. It's not true! It is false news and slander from rival groups. We know their origins and authors and take all action against them. Therefore the company's management decided to adopt key measures.

These  peoples will be placed on the our blacklist and will not be provided with any support. These measures are in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. With temporary validity (until revoked), we stop selling all spare parts to the following countries: some local areas of France and some local areas of Slovakia country.

If you see any false news - HOAX somewhere on internet, report it to us. Our company's management has announced rewards for reporting such people who spread HOAX about our store/company. For your reporting accurate data leading to identification HOAX-creator the company's CEO announced a reward in the amount of a 50% discount on the your purchase and other VIP benefits.

Most of our customers and fans are decentand these restrictions will not affect them in any way. We have received most new original spare parts Vestax on stock (for example, highly sought after PDX V2 platters, very demanded new Vestax PDX Engines and also premium chrome counterweight PDX AP for turntables, various PCV crossfaders, premium Vestax DF-17/25/50/500 custom-rotary KITS incl. ALPS Japan original rotary faders etc., that you will not buy elsewhere. Thank you to all our loyal customers for their huge support!

Stay with US.