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28 Feb 2020

New parts in stock

We managed to stock new Vestax spare parts. We are pleased to announce that we have in stock again highly demanded parts:

  • Vestax VK-2300PRO KIT  ...very demanded item for amazing upgrade turntables PDX Series
  • Vestax PDX AP counterweight  ...in CHROME finish, designed for Vestax PDX-2000MkII Pro Series turntables etc.
  • Vestax PDX arm REST  ...replacement arm holder to lock the tone arm when transporting the turntable
  • Vestax TT.AVB turntable foot  ...original replacement part for all PDX Series Vestax turntables
  • Vestax ASTS PRO  ...a few pieces tone arms A.S.T.S. with additional pressure DBA (Dynamic Balance Adjustment)
  • Vestax VK-400TR KIT upgrade  ...premium KIT upgrade for upgrade VCI-400 to VCI-400TR

The most in demand are now KITs for the upgarde of PDX-2000 turntables. Original Japan premium hardware KIT VK-2300 PRO, designed to upgrade Vestax PDX-2000 Series to best version, incl. sophisticated RPM control, big LED display, 4D Joystick (just like PDX-2300ProMkII Series). KIT includes four factory basic parts with mounting accessories and manual to upgrade your old PDX-2000 turntable.  In second place ranking of the most desirable parts placed spare part Vestax TT.AVB turntable foot. All these items can already be purchased in our eshop. However, some are in very limited quantities!

Stay with US.