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25 July 2022

Rotary  with Cox´s PMC-CX

Most of our customers and fans know amazing mixing console Vestax PMC-CX. Professional club mixer, exclusively designed by legendary DJ Carl Cox. He was involved in the creation of this mixing console. Three-channel 19" 5HU professional mixer with effect section and Hi-pass / Low-pass filters on each channel. Vestax used Matrix Input Assign System for the first time ever. In the past, kits with rotary potentiometers named Vestax DF-CX KIT were also produced by Vestax for these mixing consoles. But there are a very small number of these kits and currently can't be found anywhere.

In these days we expect stocking new production of the limited series custom part  Vestax DF-CX Pro KIT v2. We managed to get original Japanese parts for assembly DF-CX KIT´s with matte faceplate for PMC-CX mixing console. Important note:  this products can be only purchased in our store via pre-orders, because will be strictly limited edition - QTY only  5 pcs!   Dear users, if you are looking for this premium part, do not hesitate to order it,  there will probably be a lot of interest in these parts. They are suitable for some characters and styles of music mixing.

Dear customers, due to the congestion of communication channels with a huge influx of requests and orders, some may be time delays several days. We ask for your patience. 

Stay with US.