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30 Oct 2022

Service of PDX turntables - parts

We have launched a new service - repairs of PDX turntables key parts.  Fans know popular Vestax PDX-2000 Series or PDX-3000 Series. Some of these PDX models are already at the limit of the service life of certain components. These are mainly these parts: engines and fine pitch faders. Unfortunately, these new parts are now out of stock for a long time and it is unknown when they will be in stock again. That's why we now offer this new service.

These are mainly repairs of engines and fine pitch faders. After repair, we guarantee the functionality of these parts with a warranty. How does it work and what are the terms and conditions?    

  • The PDX engine must be mechanically all right, that is, there is no restriction on its ability to rotate. The most common defects that appear in the motors are the following: rotation instability, random stopping or changes in speed or direction of rotation and also slow or no start (after pressing the PLAY button). In that case, we can repair the engine successfully.

  • Fine pitch fader must be mechanically all right - this means that the rider of fader is moving in his lane. The rider of fader can move with difficulty (more force has to be applied to move it). The most common defects that appear in the fine pitch fader are the following: does not respond to a change in position - the speed of rotation does not change or change with difficulty. In some cases, it does not respond at all.

If these parts show the parameters listed above, then there is a 100% chance to guaranteed repairs. Simply send defective parts to our service center, where we will repair them. Repairing this part is very demanding and requires special technologies that we have at our disposal.

These parts can be easily removed from the PDX turntable - an experienced user can do it. The duration of the repair depends on the current workload of the service center and can range from 2 to 3 weeks (the time required for the shipment is not counted).

It should also be noted that return shipping is free! If you want to use this service, here are the links to purchase from our store. Items from this offer can be found here: Vestax MGU RE  and   Vestax PF-2000/3000 KIT RE (the letter "RE" means refurbished / repair).

Stay with US.