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10 May 2021

Spin your Vestax

Most of our customers and fans know legendary mixing console Vestax PMC-CX. Legendary club mixer, exclusively designed by DJ Carl Cox. Three-channel 19" 5HU professional mixer with effect section and Hi-pass / Low-pass filters on each channel. Vestax used Matrix Input Assign System for the first time ever. In the past, kits with rotary potentiometers named Vestax DF-CX KIT were also produced by Vestax for these mixing consoles. But there are a very small number of these kits and currently can't be found anywhere. We are preparing the new production of the limited series custom part  Vestax DF-CX Pro KIT v2. Because we managed to get original Japanese parts for assembly DF kits and next we will produce new top cover panels in the same design like PMC-CX mixing console. In the early autumn of this year they will be for sale! Important note:  this products can be only purchased in our store via pre-orders, because will be strictly limited edition - QTY only 10 pcs! Dear users, if you are looking for this premium part, do not hesitate to order it,  there will probably be a lot of interest in these parts. They are suitable for some characters and styles of music mixing.

Dear customers, the situation with worldwide pandemic Covid-19 still  has not improved. We are trying to keep it running - you have the original Vestax spare parts, that already can not buy elsewhere. All orders are processed on an ongoing basis, as the situation allows. Please be patient. Thank you to all our loyal customers for their huge support.

Stay with US.