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21 Sept 2021

Availability information. 

Dear customers, some spare parts will not be fully available in the coming months.

It has been eight years since the Japanese Vestax Corporation plant closed down and declared bankruptcy. Our huge stock of spare parts is not inexhaustible. In some parts we have managed to ensure continuity but some original Vestax parts are now unavailable. Here is a brief overview of the most important ones.


VE_DSL-1_02.jpg DSL-1 (LED lamp for PDX) Sign-Delete-icon.png
Vestax-HS-1-silver.jpg HS-1 (version silver, black) Sign-Delete-icon.png
Vestax-HS-2-red.jpg HS-2 (version all of colors) Sign-Delete-icon.png
VE-PDX-3000-armholder_01.jpg Tone Arm REST Sign-Delete-icon.png
VE-ASTSPRO-tonearm.jpg ASTS PRO Tone Arm Sign-Delete-icon.png
VE-S-MIX-tonearm.jpg S-MIX Tone Arm Sign-Delete-icon.png
VE AP counterweight M.jpg PDX AP counterweight (all sizes) Sign-Delete-icon.png
Vestax_CF-X2 crossfader.jpg CF-X2 KIT (VCI digital crossfader) Sign-Delete-icon.png


We do not accept new orders for these products until further notice! Existing orders will gradually deal until the end of this year. 

If we resell any of these Vestax parts and they will be in stock, you can find out here. We strive to provide you with important parts that are needed for the reliable operation of your Vestax devices. 

infoidea Tip: take advantage of the availability of key parts and buy them now.  They may be sold out soon.

Stay with US.