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Vestax Czech Event vol.2

On a somewhat magical date on December 12, 2012, our company organized the second official meeting of Vestax users, this time not only with representatives of the distribution company but also with the Czech Vestax DJ team (DJ Maniac, DJ Taktyk, DJ Hech and DJ Honan). The meeting took place on the occasion of the official launch of the brand's sale in the popular Prague store Maxi Store, which was licensed by an authorized dealer Vestax Czech Republic. The store, located in Žižkov in Bořivojova Street 57, is one of the oldest stone shops with DJ equipment in the Czech Republic. Its history dates back to the period shortly after the Velvet Revolution. In the frosty afternoon, first DJs came to the Zizkov shop shortly after 3 pm to try out professional DJ equipment from the land of the rising sun. DJ Maniac unpacked his VCI-400 controller and got the reputation of DJ Maniac - the whole store was shaking at the moment with the beats of his demo set (and was unstoppable). DJ Taktyk presented Vestax VCI-380 controller with Serato software, DJ Hech followed the classic Vestax PDX-3000 turntables and vinyl discs (over 13 years old) in conjunction with the PMC-05ProIV digital battle mix; DJ Honan demonstrated demonstrations of working with the VCM-600 production controller with Ableton Live software, and showed working with the Vestax flagship, the Carl Cox Digital Mixer PMC-580Pro, along with CDX-05MBK CD players.

All possible forms of contemporary djing, from CDs to turntablism to digital djing, were on display. As part of the event, consultations were held with Martin Jirsák on the topic "Why are apples healthy for music?" about their use not only in digital DJing. The technique was presented to the visitors of the Vestax Czech Event by the most qualified, namely, those who use it every day in their work. Everyone who came was given a small gift in the form of Japanese Vestax promotional items and headphones donated by Maxi Store. And because the whole event took place just twelve days before the Christmas holidays, this time the shop had the smell of Christmas candy (which was really enjoyed by everyone who came to the Vestax Czech Event). In this way we would like to thank all who came to see the organizers and of course the partner company - the authorized Vestax dealer, Maxi Store. From now on you can see Japanese Vestax in Prague and try it right in this legendary DJ shop. (Foto: MaTo, ToBi).