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DJ Masters

Unique rediscovered photo reportage from Czech and Slovak DJ Championship DJ Masters 2009. His official main partner was the Japanese brand Vestax. Never before in the history of Czechoslovak, Czech and Slovak DJ has there been a competition of such size, format and quality. The competition was attended by 135 DJs from the Czech and Slovak Republics and among them were found girls. From April 8th to June 6th, the qualifying knockout rounds were held simultaneously in the DJ categories "Show" and "Technique". The DJ Masters competition culminated in the June final, organized in the form of a large musical event in the Prague PM Club. For the first time in modern history, it offered all DJs the chance to compete in different music styles. Every DJ living in the Czech Republic or Slovakia could enter the competition regardless of age, gender, musical style, playing or technique used in their production. A relatively wide range of DJs presenting a variety of musical styles showed interest in the DJ Masters competition. After all, in its motto the competition had the slogan "breaking down the borders".

DJ Five, DJ Aiffel and DJ Beast 67 were in the jury at that time. The value of prizes from all sponsors who participated in the competition was almost CZK 200,000! Arsen, Lowa, Flux, Pocket, Alyaz, Kita, Semmy, Honan, Kristee, MikeOne, Marky P, Craft, Luckyboi, Lukas O, Strain, Archee, Sweshfresh, Kan-Jacca, Lookshot Mr. Kalif, Torin, Mafin Phoenix, Mr. Flemi, Mr. Pole, N.E.D. The main prize, the Carl Cox mixer Vestax PMC-580Pro and the second main prize, the battle mixer Vestax PMC-05ProIV RED were won by the winner of both categories, DJ Flux. (Foto: DJMC, Alex, ToBi).