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Vestax miniworkshop

The last holiday day, the last day of August, and one could say with a little exaggeration the last day of summer, was the Vestax miniworkshop. Mini because we narrowed the capacity of participants to ten and also because its focus was on real beginners. The Miniworkshop was held at the Kobra Club in Prague and was aimed, as already mentioned, for complete beginners who are just about to join the Japanese Vestax user group, inviting themselves by the DJs group. At the miniworkshop, the participants, who took turns in the club all Saturday afternoon, could learn the basics of DJing, dance music genres and current trends, but also the issue of choosing the right technique to start with regard to the possibilities and requirements of each beginning DJ. Part of the workshop was mainly practical exercises where everyone could touch and test the technique. In addition to products for beginners such as Vestax mixers VMC series and controllers SPIN, SPIN2 or TYPHOON, there were also professional products such as MIDI controllers VCI-400 DJ, VCI-380 RED or digital mixing console PMC-580Pro. The Miniworkshop was sounded with the Verse System 2K MKII audio system and the interested participants could eventually mix it up as their more experienced and seasoned colleagues. In the evening there was an afterparty, when the club was filled mainly by foreigners who visited the capital because of the UEFA Super Cup 2013 football match. (Foto: MaTo, ToBi)