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Workshop Vestax - PUMA DJ Lab

On Friday, February 15, 2013, a PUMA DJ Lab workshop with a Japanese brand Vestax and a very special guest, a well-known British DJ and producer Futurebound, took place in Prague in the evening. He visited Prague as part of his performance at the Let It Roll music festival, but before that he found time to discuss with music enthusiasts who attended a workshop at the PUMA Social Club Store. The discussion was moderated by Radek Honc from Expres radia. Futurebound spoke with PUMA DJ Lab participants about his history and career. At the same time, he gave some advice to young DJs and music producers who met at the workshop on how to succeed in the current music industry. In the next part of the evening devoted to young beginning DJs all had the opportunity to meet the Japanese manufacturer of professional equipment, the company Vestax, introduced by its Czech representatives DJ Hech and DJ Taktyk. Participants of the PUMA DJ Lab could try out several approaches to DJing offered by current technologies; both classical turntablism with legendary Vestax turntables and mixer, and digital djing with Vestax MIDI consoles. Directly on stage, participants could experience playing from turntables as well as working with MIDI consoles - both the basic models of Vestax MIDI consoles for Mac SPIN and the top-of-the-line Vestax VCI-400 console were prepared to be introduced. (Foto: MaTo, Viki, ToBi).