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17 March 2024

Functionality of the controllers

This is a frequent and repeated question in recent years: how to keep the full functionality of the Vestax USB MIDI controller?

It should be noted that Japanese Vestax Corporation filed for bankruptcy 10 years ago. No new software or firmware has been developed for Vestax controllers since then. During this time, however, the computer operating system itself continued to evolve. The operating system that was the standard ten years ago is now mostly outdated and often no longer supported by the manufacturer (whether for security reasons or hardware requirements). What should I do if I purchase a Vestax USB MIDI controller at this time and want it to work properly ?

If the Vestax controller requires the installation of its own software, you need to look at the computer operating system requirements. It is usually stated in the manual for the Vestax USB MIDI controller or in the manual for the software that is intended for a particular Vestax USB MIDI  controller.

Important warning

Do not try to install the latest software than the one Vestax lists in the manual for their  USB MIDI controllers. Why ? Precisely because the software version that is recommended will work best and most reliably with Vestax hardware. But here a conflict can arise - the older version of the software is no longer compatible with your computer because you have a fresh operating system installed on it. 

Unfortunately, this seems to be the best solution: it is advisable to use a second computer for your Vestax USB MIDI controller (for example, an older model of PC, that will have an operating system that is recommended in the Vestax controller manual and that supports the installation of an older version of software for the Vestax USB MIDI controller). Only in this way will the full and reliable functionality of the Vestax controller together with the relevant software be guaranteed. The following table lists the most common Vestax USB MIDI controllers and recommended software versions. The mentioned versions of the software can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. Details of the system requirements for the computer (operating system) are given in the manual.

Table of Vestax USB MIDI controllers

Vestax VCI-100 picto-pdf_VCI-100.jpg TRAKTOR 3 LE bundled to the VCI-100
Vestax VCI-100MkII picto-pdf-vci-100mk2-jp TRAKTOR LE bundled to the VCI-100MkII
Vestax VCI-300 picto-pdf-vci-300-old-jpg Serato ITCH 2.2 bundled to the VCI-300
Vestax VCI-300MkII picto-pdf-vci-300-jpg Serato DJ bundled to the VCI-300MkII
Vestax VCI-380 picto-pdf_VCI-380.jpg Serato ITCH 2.2.1 bundled to the VCI-380
Vestax VCI-380 picto-pdf_VCI-380wht.jpg Serato DJ 1.6 bundled to the VCI-380
Vestax VCI-400 Serie picto-pdf_VCI-400.jpg Serato DJ intro 1.1
Virtual DJ LE 7
bundled to the VCI-400
Vestax VCI-400 DJ picto-pdf_VCI-400DJ.jpg Serato DJ bundled to the VCI-400DJ
Vestax VCM-100 picto-pdf_VCM-100.jpg TRAKTOR LE bundled to the VCM-100
Vestax VCM-600 Serie picto-pdf_VCM-600.jpg Ableton Live LITE 7 V.E. bundled to the VCM-600
Vestax TYPHOON picto-pdf_Typhoon.jpg TRAKTOR LE bundled to the TYPHOON
Vestax TYPHOON BLK picto-pdf_Typhoon2.jpg Serato DJ intro
Virtual DJ LE
bundled to the TYPHOON BLK
Vestax SPIN picto-pdf_Spin.jpg djay bundled to the SPIN
Vestax SPIN 2 picto-pdf_Spin2.jpg djay for Mac bundled to the SPIN2
Vestax TR-1 picto-pdf_TR1.jpg TRAKTOR LE bundled to the TR-1
Vestax VFX-1  picto-pdf_VFX-1.jpg Serato ITCH 1.3 bundled to the VFX-1
Vestax PAD-One picto-pdf_PAD-One.jpg N/A N/A
Vestax PBS-4 picto-pdf_PBS-4.jpg Ustream Producer bundled to the PBS-4
Vestax V-MIDI picto-pdf_VMIDI.jpg N/A N/A

Even if the solution is not quite the best, it is the optimal solution to guarantee the perfect functionality of the Vestax USB MIDI controllers. Remember that Vestax USB MIDI controllers will provide maximum performance and reliability when used with the software recommended by the manufacturer.

Key Important Info

The original software for each Vestax USB MIDI controller should be attached to the package (CD-ROM with registration number or SW label with a number of key). If you are buying a Vestax device from the bazaar (or already used), the seller should also provide you with the original installation CD-ROM with the software (or SW label with a original number of key) This rule is very important: seller must cancel its original registration with the SW manufacturer. If the seller does not cancel his own SW registration, then there will be problems with the your new registration (the same SW number of key).

The original software is usually available on the official website of the SW manufacturer (most often in the Download section). However, keep in mind that you need to download a SW version that is compatible with your Vestax hardware and firmware! Since Vestax Corporation ceased production ten years ago, it is not always the latest version of software, that will work correctly with your Vestax device.

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