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1 Nov 2021

PCV crossfaders for mixers. 

Dear customers, great news! If you needed to buy a original longlife Vestax PCV crossfader for your mixer, check it this article. We managed to secure a limited QTY supply of crossfaders Vestax CF-PCV Pro2 KIT. It is compatible with many PCV, PMC and VMC series Vestax professional mixers.

Crossfader Vestax CF-PCV Pro2 KIT is designed for professional battle 2-channels mixing consoles Vestax PMC-05 Series, PMC-05Pro VCA Series. This type is also intended for Vestax  PMC-06 Series / PMC-06Pro Series / PMC-06Pro A Series (variants Silver or Gold) and PMC-07Pro Series. Not intended for PMC-06Pro T type only. The crossfader CF-PCV Pro2 KIT can also be used for the PMC-280 mixer, PMC-500 or QFO / QFO LE Series hybrid turntables. KIT is assembled with PCB module and 2 version of connectors, without TOP faceplate to mounting on the original crossfader panel. KIT is produced in 2 variants with different connectors for use with different types of Vestax mixers: PMC version = JST 5PIN connector;  PCV version = MOLEX 4PIN connector. Key features are PCV™ technology of crossfader, horizontal style control-bar design (protection against dust) and durable system which adopted the shaft of the high quality.

The state-of-the-art PCV™ (Plastic Conductive Volume Technology) fader is equipped conductive plastic resistor element, horizontal style control-bar design (protection against dust) and durable system which adopted the shaft of the high quality. PCV™ crossfader is tested by accredited testing laboratories for 2 million passes / 1 million cycles (18 cycles / min., sliding noise level: less than 100mV). During this time, it must not lose the quality of the audio signal that passes through it To give you an idea, standard faders leave after about 100 000 cycles; these are the minimum guaranteed values. The CF-PCV Pro2 KIT crossfader has a precise metal mechanism and guide shafts along which the fader slider moves and thus has a completely precise position. As a result, friction is reduced, which leads to less wear and smoother fader movement. It is designed for professional applications, such as turntablism or professional club mixing consoles. You can buy it here.

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