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30 July 2023

Temporary break

Dear customers,

our Vestax Megastore - department SERVICE, WAREHOUSE & EXPEDITION will be completely down from August 15 - September 15. This is only temporary measure due to relocation. We are taking this measure due to moving service dpt. to new premises (larger and more modern) so that we can increase order processing capacity (like refurbishing of Vestax products) and shorten delivery times for you.

UPDATED Septmeber 2, 2023

This break was originally planned for just a few days (max. up to 30 August). Unfortunately, in addition, this break was negatively affected by the extreme bad weather named Saola. City paralysed by extreme floods from super-typhoon Saola (Friday 1 Sept) with winds reaching 220 kilometers per hour (140 miles per hour). He also destroyed the infrastructure of our key warehouse. Material stocks suffered great damage. Intensive work is beign done to eliminate the damage. 

At this moment we are unable to estimate when operations (like SERVICE, WAREHOUSE dpt.) will be fully restored. Everything will be online and running again maybe from September 30 ~ October 7. Some orders may be delayed approx. over 1~ 2 month, exceptionally 3 months because of this break. We will compensate for delays in orders with additional discounts.

You can check the status of the current order at any time in your Vestax User Account - instructions on how to do it - visit older article where is it described - click here. Please be patient. Thank you all for your support.

Stay with US.