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Software for Vestax

Software for Vestax

Electronic license original software for Vestax MIDI controllers VCI Series. If you need another new Serato DJ, PRO2, VirtualDJ LE or 8 and djay license for the someone Vestax controller, you can order it here. It is delivered electronically via a license key.

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 picto_top-produkt.png  Originální náhradní díly  Originální software pro Vestax   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


Electronic license of your chosen software for MIDI controllers Vestax VCI-400 / VCI-400DJ / VCI-400TR / VCI-380 / VCI-380 RED / VCI-380 WHITE / VCI-300MkII / VCI-300 / VCI-100MkII / TYPHOON / SPIN2 / SPIN / TR-1. If you need another new Serato DJ or Traktor PRO license for these Vestax VCI controllers, you can order it here. The controllers are already equipped with program licenses from the factory, either in the LE version or in the INTRO version, some in the full version. Specialy for portable turntables Vestax HandyTrax USB  designed software EZ-rok (this package contains SW, license key and Vestax drivers).

However, if you purchase a Vestax controller by purchasing it at a bazaar or by purchasing it without a software package, then the controller may not have the appropriate software. Therefore, you will need to purchase additional software. The programs are delivered in the form of an electronic license key for the latest new version supplied by the software manufacturer for the Vestax hardware. 

NOTICE: Serato DJ Intro has been replaced by Serato DJ Lite, a free download for all Vestax VCI users. All supported Serato DJ Intro hardware works too. Please read the SW manual carefully before installing.

info-blue-icon.pngNotice: Some Vestax VCI-400 controllers may require a FW upgrade to function correctly with Serato DJ Intro.

infoidea Tip: if you need another type of SW, original Vestax ASIO drivers & FW, write to us via  technical support.



  • original electronic software license for Vestax VCI series MIDI controllers
  • designed for Vestax VCI-400 Series, VCI-380 Series (all)
  • designed for Vestax VCI-300 Series a VCI-100 Series
  • designed for Vestax SPIN2, SPIN or TYPHOON (all)
  • designed for Vestax HandyTrax USB (all versions)
  • delivery in the form of an electronic license key 
  • Serato DJ Intro is download free of charge




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