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Discounts and outlet

Special discounts for selected Vestax products with extra free gifts and outlet sale at the best prices. Applies to appeal.


Vestax Spin (d)

Vestax Spin (d) 10%

MIDI controller was specialy developed for Apple iOS users. Dual channel USB MIDI controller with integrated sound card is designed for Apple iOS products Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Supplied with Algoriddim djay 3.0 for Mac software.

€ 4,950.50 without VAT
€ 233.10 € 259.00

Vestax VAI-40 (d)

Vestax VAI-40 (d) 10%

Professional USB sound card allows multi-channel recording with high sound quality. 4 mono / 2 stereo inputs and outputs. It is compatible with professional DAW and DJ software. Easy to operate. Compact metal chassis. Advantageous only for collectors!

€ 5,694.00 without VAT
€ 206.10 € 229.00

Vestax VUH-204 (d)

Vestax VUH-204 (d) 10%

Original Japan factory Mini USB HUB VUH-204 offers 4 Hi-Speed Mode USB 2.0 ports in case you need an additional high-speed connection to your computer, that you need to connect to other Vestax AUDIO MIDI controllers. Upgrade package: includes…

€ 1,066.00 without VAT
€ 53.10 € 59.00

Vestax HMX-05 WHT (d)

Vestax HMX-05 WHT (d) 5%

Professional DJ headphones with closed shell design, which are equipped with 40mm drivers with a maximum output of 100 mW and sensitivity 103 dB / mW. Velor ear cushions are connected by a strong and flexible folding overhead bridge and perfectly…

€ 2,390.00 without VAT
€ 103.55 € 109.00

Vestax NEO 1.5 (d)

Vestax NEO 1.5 (d) 5%

Original Japan high-end data cable USB class A (PCOCC conductor technology) Vestax NEO for high-speed data transfer 480 Mbps Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified from the world leader of cable manufacturers Oyaide Electronics Ltd.  This  type…

€ 2,058.00 without VAT
€ 91.20 € 96.00

Vestax VR-1SS (d)

Vestax VR-1SS (d) 5%

Original Japan spare part for Vestax HandyTrax Series turntables. The sapphire spherical stylus is optimized for playback vinyl LP / SP records at 33⅓ RPM and 45 RPM.  Easy & quick replacement by user.

€ 1,070.00 without VAT
€ 47.31 € 49.80



Headshells, portable holder from Japanese manufacturer; design in matt red with hole for attaching an additional circular weight 2-5 grams. Can be used with Vestax turntables PDX Series. This SET contains 2 pieces of headshells.

€ 322.00 without VAT
€ 43.20 € 54.00

Vestax JOG PT Spin2 (d)

Vestax JOG PT Spin2 (d) 10%

JOG Platter for VCI controllers. Original spare aluminum discs Vestax JOG Platter for mounting on existing JOG wheels of the Vestax SPIN2 series MIDI controller or as an alternative for the SPIN1 model, including mounting screws. In a package…

€ 612.00 without VAT
€ 33.30 € 37.00

Vestax V-MIDI (d)

Vestax V-MIDI (d) 20%

MIDI interface, smart & compact, easy-to-use for MIDI devices. They will be welcomed by musicians, producers and DJs who want to connect USB MIDI hardware with iOS applications like Apple iPad®, Apple iPhone® and Apple iPod touch®.…

€ 1,231.00 without VAT
€ 47.20 € 59.00

Vestax VCI-400 control HWY11 (d)

Vestax VCI-400 control HWY11 (d) 20%

For Vestax VCI-400 Series USB MIDI controller designed assembled PCB modul control HWY11 designed for CUE MIX adjustment section (HEADPHONE OUTPUT / OUTPUT LEVEL) and Track PAD Mode Select in RIGHT side.

€ 967.00 without VAT
€ 29.60 € 37.00

Vestax JOG PT 400 (d)

Vestax JOG PT 400 (d) 10%

JOG Platter for VCI controllers. Original Vestax JOG Platter replacement aluminum discs for mounting on existing JOG wheels of the VCI-400 Series MIDI controllers, including mounting screws. One piece per package.

€ 777.00 without VAT
€ 35.10 € 39.00

AT CW-702 PROTT2 (d)

AT CW-702 PROTT2 (d) 10%

For Audiotechnica or Technics Series turntables designed classic original model of counterweight CW-702 PRO TT2-021 (replacement weight) whitch is designed to balance the arm of the dial with the locking ring in black.

€ 967.00 without VAT
€ 40.41 € 44.90

Vestax DC-08 (d)

Vestax DC-08 (d) 10%

External power supplies for desktop CD players CDR-07, CDX-05, CDX-15, CDX-16, CDX-35. Separate power supplies ensure better technical parameters of the devices, especially quality interference suppression from undesirable effects of the power…

€ 1,479.00 without VAT
€ 89.10 € 99.00

Vestax PDX-2000.CTRL FP (d)

Vestax PDX-2000.CTRL FP (d) 10%

For the Vestax PDX-2000MkII Series turntables is designed replacement control faceplate for mounting on the PDX turntable chassis. It is equipped with 2 dust covers for pitch fader and ultra pitch fader sliders.

€ 379.00 without VAT
€ 53.10 € 59.00

Vestax DSC-2000 cover (d)

Vestax DSC-2000 cover (d) 10%

The DSC-2000 (dust cover / deck saver) is an Iupilon® tempered polycarbonate toughened polycarbonate turntable with mechanical sliding hinges. DSC  is designed for Vestax turntables PDX-2000 and PDX-3000 series and also for some BDT Series…

€ 3,272.00 without VAT
€ 161.10 € 179.00

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