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Discounts and outlet

Special discounts for selected Vestax products with extra free gifts and outlet sale at the best prices. Applies to appeal.


Vestax VRX-2000 (r)

Vestax VRX-2000 (r) 10%

Vestax VRX-2000 vinyl cutting machine is an innovative machine for the experienced professional musician. Can give you superb results in the making of long-lasting vinyl records. To achieve such results, please remember that the mastering process…

€ 24,620.00 without VAT
€ 3,771.00 € 4,190.00

Vestax PDX-3000MkII (d)

Vestax PDX-3000MkII (d) 20%

Professional turntable with Quartz Direct Drive high torque motor, controlled by 32bit CPU processor and digital servo. MIDI interface, A.S.T.S. straight tonearm, boom, pitch control up to ± 60%, reverse, acceleration / stop acceleration and torque…

€ 23,957.00 without VAT
€ 879.20 € 1,099.00

Vestax PDX-3000 30th.ANN (d)

Vestax PDX-3000 30th.ANN (d) 20%

Turntable with Direct Drive, high torque motor, controlled by 32-bit CPU processor and digital servo. MIDI interface, linear A.S.T.S. arm with adjustable extra pressure on the tip, pitch control up to ±60%, reverse, start/stop acceleration…

€ 28,752.00 without VAT
€ 1,032.00 € 1,290.00

Vestax PMC-08Pro WHT (r)

Vestax PMC-08Pro WHT (r) 20%

Professional dual-channel hybrid digital mixer, equipped with 24-bit / 96 kHz DSPs with the lowest latency ratio, 2x USB port, internal TUB-1 sound card, input level switches, Matrix Assign, two effect sections to connect external VFX, tension…

€ 22,231.00 without VAT
€ 599.20 € 749.00

Vestax PDX-2000.CTRL FP (d)

Vestax PDX-2000.CTRL FP (d) 20%

For the Vestax PDX-2000MkII Series turntables is designed replacement control faceplate for mounting on the PDX turntable chassis. It is equipped with 2 dust covers for pitch fader and ultra pitch fader sliders.

€ 379.00 without VAT
€ 47.20 € 59.00

Vestax VK-400TR SET FP (d)

Vestax VK-400TR SET FP (d) 10%

Original premium SET FP (faceplate) in two variants: Full or Lite; for upgrade VCI-400 to VCI-400TR. Contains high quality dural-aluminium composite alloys faceplatte FP-TR and pair of  JOG Platter for controll wheels. Next added optional…

from € 0.00 without VAT
from € 134.10 from € 149.00

Audiotechnica CW-702 PROTT2 (d)

Audiotechnica CW-702 PROTT2 (d) 10%

For Audiotechnica or Technics Series turntables designed classic original model of counterweight CW-702 PRO TT2-021 (replacement weight) whitch is designed to balance the arm of the dial with the locking ring in black.

€ 967.00 without VAT
€ 40.41 € 44.90



Headshells, portable holder from Japanese manufacturer; design in matt red with hole for attaching an additional circular weight 2-5 grams. Can be used with Vestax turntables PDX Series. This SET contains 2 pieces of headshells.

€ 322.00 without VAT
€ 48.60 € 54.00

Vestax VK-2300 SM KIT (d)

Vestax VK-2300 SM KIT (d) 10%

Original Japan premium hardware KIT, designed to upgrade Vestax PDX-2000 Series to best version, incl. sophisticated RPM control, big LED display, 4D Joystick (just like PDX-2300ProMkII Series). SM KIT includes 3 factory basic parts with mounting…

€ 4,537.00 without VAT
€ 152.10 € 169.00

Vestax CF-CC PCV KIT (d)

Vestax CF-CC PCV KIT (d) 5%

High-end professional Vestax CF-CC PCV crossfader with precision adjustable waveform and crossfader range, long life. Complete assembled KIT for quick user exchange.

€ 3,628.00 without VAT
€ 170.05 € 179.00

Vestax ENGINE MGU2000 (d)

Vestax ENGINE MGU2000 (d) 10%

For the Vestax PDX-2000, PDX-2000MkII, PDX-2000MkIIPro and QFO Series turntables are equipped with a replacement original engine block consisting of a DC servo and a DC Quartz System motor. Second, improved generation of PDX engine (specification…

€ 4,355.00 without VAT
€ 179.82 € 199.80

Minebea motor 17PM-K011-04V

Minebea motor 17PM-K011-04V 5%

Replacement original stepping hybrid motor Minebea 17PM-K011-04V (Matsushita) Series with step angle 1,8 deg from Minebea Mitsumi Inc. factory.  Equipped for the intelligent lighting technology or for AI technology (robots). This is time…

€ 4,355.00 without VAT
€ 47.41 € 49.90

Vestax slipmat ASTS (d)

Vestax slipmat ASTS (d) 10%

Limited Edition! Stylish branded slipmat Vestax in themed graphic design ASTS. Durable top print, underside of slipmat is smoothed to ensure low slipmat friction on turntable plate. Vestax slips are supplied in individual packages.

€ 396.70 without VAT
€ 22.41 € 24.90

Vestax HS-1 B SLV (d)

Vestax HS-1 B SLV (d) 5%

Headshell, a Vestax Japanese luxury pickup holder; color of item in silver with distinctive Japanese "V" logotype and connecting cables with gold plated connectors. For BDT Series turntables or vintage models.

€ 1,066.00 without VAT
€ 46.55 € 49.00

Vestax HS-1 BLK PAIR (d)

Vestax HS-1 BLK PAIR (d) 10%

Headshell, a Vestax Japanese luxury pickup holder; color of item in dark black with distinctive black  Japanese "V" logotype and connecting cables with gold plated connectors. This is Premium pair KIT (2 pcs).

€ 1,066.00 without VAT
€ 89.10 € 99.00

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