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Vestax VCM-600 (r)

Vestax VCM-600 (r)

Professional DJ MIDI controller conceptually very close to a classic mixer. 8 audio and MIDI tracks, 6 scenes. Has been specially designed in collaboration with Ableton and also comes with this software. Quality construction, intuitive Ableton Live control. USB plug and play devices. Available in silver colors. Refurbishing.

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October 2024

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In response to the ever-evolving capabilities of live digital djing, Japan's Vestax has developed a large DJ MIDI console designed primarily for live productions. The Vestax VCM-600 was specially designed in collaboration with Ableton, whose Ableton Live software has found its place in many music production studios or in the hands of DJs and musicians. The Vestax VCM-600 controller is really massive, bulky and looks very solid, which is also contributed by a durable metal chassis made of aluminum alloy. The controls are taken from the club mixers of the PMC Pro series, therefore proven massive faders, precise corrections and a quality crossfader, individual touch buttons have a pleasant rubberized surface, adequate pressing force and short precise operation. The entire console is equipped with LED side strips for working in the dark, covered with a strip so that they do not dazzle and at the same time provide sufficient lighting.  view full description »

It should be noted that all low-lift control buttons are highlighted in color (red, orange, green) when pressed, depending on the function of the button. Looking at the rear panel of the console, we find a grounding fitting, input for foot pedal to control VCM-600 (FOOT), input for connecting and at the same time USB power cable and input for external mains power adapter with switch between two power variants (USB / power supply via adapter).

Vestax VCM-600 is conceptually very close to the classic mixer, after all, this concept is well understood by the style of work in Ableton and it can be used to control up to 160 MIDI parameters. Vestax VCM-600 can be divided into three sections: 1. fader section, 2. effects section and 3. TEMPO & LOOP section. There are a total of 11 faders on the console, six control individual channels (tracks), the seventh and eighth faders serve SEND effects A and B, the ninth fader is set as MASTER, the tenth is used to control the MASTER TEMPO function and the eleventh is logically a crossfader. Each fader controlling the volume of individual channels (tracks) contains a section with corrections (high, mid, low), buttons with the kill function (low, mid and high cut) and buttons with the function: MUTE, SOLO, CF ASN (crossfader assign), CLIP , TRACK, STOP and PLAY. We must also not forget the presence of rotary knobs: PAN, SEND A, SEND B, RESONANCE and FREQUENCY. An important button is TRACK BANK located in the upper right corner of the console. It will allow us to switch between the channels of channels 1 - 6 and 7 - 12. What does this mean for practice? Each fader can control two channels (tracks), it only depends on which bank we are switched in (identity 1-7.2-8.3-9.4-10.5-11.6-12). In order not to get lost in this switching, each fader also contains monitoring LED elements. As with most front panel mixers, the fader curve can be adjusted continuously. The same applies to the crossfader, where the width of the curve (ie the moment) of the crossfader engagement can be set.

The effects section of the Vestax VCM-600 console contains 8 rotary knobs and a corresponding number of universal buttons. It also includes the already mentioned two SEND faders and their pan rotary knobs and a mute button for each fader. Preset mapping to this section is logically impossible, it's up to you what effects you map for these drivers. In the TEMPO & LOOP we find buttons with functions: LOOP IN, LOOP OUT, LOOP ON / OFF, TEMPO NUDGE, fader for MASTER TEMPO control and very important rotary knobs FINE and SCENE. The SCENE knob is used to quickly find the required scene (the name "scene" in Ableton indicates the arrangement of selected clips playing at the same time), the FINE knob is used to sensitively tune the master tempo in the hundredths of BPM, for example to synchronize with turntables, players or music.

You do not need any drivers to install the MIDI controller itself, it works on the Plug and Play principle. We will connect the controller with a USB cable to the computer, click on the wizard of the added hardware, while selecting the automatic installation function, wait for a while and the controller will log in itself. Installing Ableton software is a classic clicking issue. Ableton will request verification of the key included in the CD package. The controller is then mapped. If someone doesn't like preset mapping, then they can simply remap any control at their discretion. For users of other software, mapping things will be more sophisticated, but the Vestax VCM-600 can be easily set to your image in any MIDI-enabled software. In principle, working with the Vestax VCM-600 MIDI console is the same as mixing on any club mixer. The package contains the MIDI controller itself, the included USB connection cable, the installation CD with Ableton Live Lite version (Vestax Edition) and a detailed manual.



  • DJ MIDI controller developed in collaboration with Ableton
  • possibility to control up to 160 optional MIDI parameters
  • works with Ableton Live software, compatible with other DAW software
  • ergonomic arrangement of elements as with a classic club mixer
  • HQ input faders and crossfaders used in the PMC-580Pro digital mixer
  • adjustable waveform curve of input faders and crossfader
  • multi track control (each fader can control 2 channels)
  • plug & play (Windows and MAC operating systems)
  • audio with resolution 32bit/192 kHz (Ableton Live)
  • 8 audio & MIDI tracks, 6 scenes (Ableton Live)
  • 24 audio effects and 7 MIDI effects (Ableton Live)
  • supports formats MP3, Ogg vorbis, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, AAC
  • robust durable aluminum alloy chassis
  • LED workspace backlight



Inputs 1x USB
Outputs 1x USB
1x FOOT switch (TRS 6,3)
Interface USB
Power 9 V (500 mA) / adaptér DC-9 / USB
Software Ableton Live (or another compatible DAW software)
Dimension 480 x 310 x 40 mm
Weight 5,0 kg
Accessories USB kabel, install CD-ROM (software Ableton Live Lite version Vestax Limited Edition)



System Mac OS X 10.6+ Win7 (SP1, only 32bit)
Vista (SP1, only 32bit)
XP (SP2, only 32bit)
Procesor G4 / Intel CPU Intel CPU 1,5GHz
USB port 1.0 1.0
Others DVD-ROM drive DVD-ROM drive
Doložka software Ableton Live does not support  64bit OS
These are the minimum requirements for a computer connected to the described device. For best results and professional use, the manufacturer always recommends that you use a higher computer specification than listed here. 



PAID SERVICE USER MANUALVestax VCM-600 - user manual






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