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Headshells, portable holder from Japanese manufacturer; design in matt red with hole for attaching an additional circular weight 2-5 grams. Can be used with Vestax turntables PDX Series. This SET contains 2 pieces of headshells.

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OEM Technics headshells or holders are made of high quality aluminum alloy with a red finish. The ergonomic design with a long finger clip ensures comfortable handling of the portable, which you attach to the headshell. The headshells are equipped with a hole for attaching an additional screw round weight (weighing 2 g or 4 g; not included, can be purchased separately) and are also equipped with four flexible hybrid conductors made of pure silver and copper. This composition of the wires ensures the transmission of very clear high tones of the audio signal and contributes to a brilliant sound. They are suitable for all ½ "mounts for Technics turntables as well as for turntables of other brands.



  • quality headshell body (portable holder) made of lightweight aluminum alloy
  • long caliper for comfortable handling of the fitted standard pickup
  • four flexible pure silver / audiophile copper hybrid conductors
  • wires are color-coded for easy connection of the pickup
  • standardized  ½ " mounting via assy. bayonet
  • hole for attaching additional round weight
  • color finish in matt red
  • SET contains 2 pcs



Material aluminum aloy with surface treatment
Specification red matt
Attachment nut standardized  ½" bayonet
Conductors hybrid Ag / high-pure Cu
Terminals gilded Au
Mounting range 31 - 42 mm (measured to the shaft of headshells)
Dimension 55 x 20 / 2 mm (th. body), 21 mm (caliper for fingers)
Weight 1,2 g (netto)




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