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Discounts and outlet

Special discounts for selected Vestax products with extra free gifts and outlet sale at the best prices. Applies to appeal.


Joy Factory E Countertop

Joy Factory E Countertop 30%

Professional full-metal POS stand with Joy Factory Elevate Countertop kiosk, designed for safe storage of Apple iPad. Ideal for public presentations, exhibitions or public spaces such as galleries, museums or restaurants and bars. Robust durable…

€ 9,082.00 without VAT
€ 223.30 € 319.00

Vestax PMC-500 (r)

Vestax PMC-500 (r) 10%

Professional 5-channel mixer with up to 17 different signal sources for fixed installation in music clubs and discos as a versatile and comprehensive solution for all possible applications in such an environment. It respects the demands of sound…

€ 39,328.00 without VAT
€ 1,611.00 € 1,790.00

Vestax VK-2300 SM KIT (d)

Vestax VK-2300 SM KIT (d) 20%

Original Japan premium hardware KIT, designed to upgrade Vestax PDX-2000 Series to best version, incl. sophisticated RPM control, big LED display, 4D Joystick (just like PDX-2300ProMkII Series). SM KIT includes 3 factory basic parts with mounting…

€ 4,537.00 without VAT
€ 223.20 € 279.00

Vestax T-shirt INFINITY (d)

Vestax T-shirt INFINITY (d) 10%

Modern unisex Vestax short sleeve T-shirt with a distinctive fashionable narrow neckline and dark knit sleeves. The T-shirt was issued to mark the 38th anniversary of the Japanese brand. You can take them to a show, to a party, to sports, or just…

from € 735.00 without VAT
from € 31.41 from € 34.90

Vestax VAI-80 TANK (d)

Vestax VAI-80 TANK (d) 20%

Professional USB sound card, stylish and elegant digital audio interface, allowing multi-channel playback and recording. For its unconventional design and durable construction it was nicknamed "TANK". It is an excellent instrument with high…

€ 6,520.00 without VAT
€ 235.20 € 294.00

Vestax PMC-08Pro WHT (r)

Vestax PMC-08Pro WHT (r) 10%

Professional dual-channel hybrid digital mixer, equipped with 24-bit / 96 kHz DSPs with the lowest latency ratio, 2x USB port, internal TUB-1 sound card, input level switches, Matrix Assign, two effect sections to connect external VFX, tension…

€ 22,231.00 without VAT
€ 674.10 € 749.00

Vestax PDX-3000MkII (B-stock)

Vestax PDX-3000MkII (B-stock) 30%

Professional turntable with Quartz Direct Drive high torque motor, controlled by 32bit CPU processor and digital servo. MIDI interface, A.S.T.S. straight tonearm, boom, pitch control up to ± 60%, reverse, acceleration / stop acceleration and torque…

€ 23,957.00 without VAT
€ 769.30 € 1,099.00

Vestax PDX-3000 30th.ANN (d)

Vestax PDX-3000 30th.ANN (d) 20%

Turntable with Direct Drive, high torque motor, controlled by 32-bit CPU processor and digital servo. MIDI interface, linear A.S.T.S. arm with adjustable extra pressure on the tip, pitch control up to ±60%, reverse, start/stop acceleration…

€ 28,752.00 without VAT
€ 1,032.00 € 1,290.00

Vestax Controller ONE [BLK] (r)

Vestax Controller ONE [BLK] (r) 10%

Hybrid MIDI turntable with Quartz Direct Drive high torque motor, controlled by 32bit CPU processor and digital servo system, MIDI interface, linear A.S.T.S. DSP adjustable tonearm, 2x 8 octave MIDI keys, pitch control up to ± 60%, pitch bend,…

€ 39,642.00 without VAT
€ 3,141.00 € 3,490.00

Vestax VK-400TR SET FP (d)

Vestax VK-400TR SET FP (d) 10%

Original premium SET FP (faceplate) in two variants: Full or Lite; for upgrade VCI-400 to VCI-400TR. Contains high quality dural-aluminium composite alloys faceplatte FP-TR and pair of  JOG Platter for controll wheels. Next added optional…

from € 0.00 without VAT
from € 89.10 from € 99.00

Minebea motor 17PM-K011-04V

Minebea motor 17PM-K011-04V 5%

Replacement original stepping hybrid motor Minebea 17PM-K011-04V (Matsushita) Series with step angle 1,8 deg from Minebea Mitsumi Inc. factory.  Equipped for the intelligent lighting technology or for AI technology (robots). This is time…

€ 4,355.00 without VAT
€ 47.41 € 49.90

Vestax HS-1 B SLV (d)

Vestax HS-1 B SLV (d) 5%

Headshell, a Vestax Japanese luxury pickup holder; color of item in silver with distinctive Japanese "V" logotype and connecting cables with gold plated connectors. For BDT Series turntables or vintage models.

€ 1,066.00 without VAT
€ 46.55 € 49.00

Vestax HS-1 BLK PAIR (d)

Vestax HS-1 BLK PAIR (d) 10%

Headshell, a Vestax Japanese luxury pickup holder; color of item in dark black with distinctive black  Japanese "V" logotype and connecting cables with gold plated connectors. This is Premium pair KIT (2 pcs).

€ 1,066.00 without VAT
€ 89.10 € 99.00

Vestax DSL-1 (d)

Vestax DSL-1 (d) 30%

Original LED lamp with RCA connector base is designed for all Vestax PDX turntables. The brilliant white light of the LED lamp ensures the perfect lighting of the turntable on the Vestax turntable plate, where the turntable meets the stylus.

€ 983.00 without VAT
€ 32.13 € 45.90

Vestax Mask RPM2.5 (d)

Vestax Mask RPM2.5 (d) 10%

Original protective mask Vestax RPM2.5 in fashion red design with logo, replaceable filters and vent, adjustable straps, can replace activated carbon filter sheet type PM2.5, M-shaped nose clip make mask and nose better fit to avoid breathing…

€ 0.00 without VAT
€ 8.91 € 9.90

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