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Vestax TT-M1 (d)

Vestax TT-M1 (d)

Optical-mechanical pickup is designed to enhance scratching features with standard Vestax PDX Series turntables, fit for use with Vestax CDX Series players. Developed and manufactured by Tascam exclusively for Vestax.

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The Scratch Control Unit TT-M1 is a digital vinyl simulator or optical mechanical sensor, developed and manufactured by Tascam exclusively for Vestax, and is designed for Vestax CDX series CD players to expand scratching functions with standard Vestax PDX Series turntables or other compatible turntables (listed in manual). The compact optical-mechanical sensor TT-M1 does not require any additional special connections or any special vinyl records. Therefore, you can work with the TT-M1 without the need to use a vinyl record, but you will only need a slip mat if it suits you. After mounting the TT-M1 on a turntable and connecting it to a CD player, you can use the controls on the turntable, such as START / STOP, PITCH, etc., to scratch directly with the CD player, where the turntable will serve as a controller. The power supply of the optical-mechanical sensor is via a connected CD player, no other power source is required.



  • optical mechanical motion sensor - digital vinyl siámulator for Vestax portable CD players of the CDX Series
  • designed to expand scratching functions by connecting PDX Series turntables to CD players
  • sophisticated mechanism with metal brackets for a firm fit on the top panel of the turntable
  • power supply of the optical-mechanical sensor via a connected CD player
  • You can control the CD player using the controls on the turntable (START, STOP, PITCH, REVERS)
  • compatible not only with Vestax turntables but also with other popular turntables
  • built-in high-quality optical-mechanical professional sensor by Tascam
  • robust metal construction of the sensor body



Design metal body, solid base for stable mounting
Specification articulated holder for optical-mechanical sensor
Regulation height regulation ±20 mm
Sensitivity 2400 imp/rpm
Power using a connected CD player
Conector TT-Link
Dimension 54 x 98 x 66 mm
Weight 470 g (netto)



Paid Service User ManualVestax TT-1M - manual (10,3 MB)






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  1. TT-M1 (Angelo Korelic, 12 Jul 2017 12:08:07) Reply | Show replies

    Kolik TT-M1 máte na skladě? Posíláte do Slovenije? Děkuji
    Angelo Korelic, Visualdiscomix, Projektový manažer, www.visualdiscomix.com

    1. Re: TT-M1 (ADMIN, 13 Jul 2017 08:19:00) Reply

      Na skladě máme aktuálně 8 kusů TT-M1. Lze je rovněž zaslat i do Slovenije.

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