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Vestax Extravaganza 2DVD

Vestax Extravaganza 2DVD

An exclusive pair of DVDs, featuring the Vestax Extravaganza DJ World Championship final in Tokyo, Japan at the Xross Music Club under the auspices of Vestax Corporation. Limited collector's series of unique event.

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 Original Japan  Exkluzivní limitovaná edice  Akce Vestax festivalové léto   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


A delicacy for collectors and all fans of turntablism! A unique double DVD, capturing the course of the world finals of the Vestax Extravaganza DJ Championship in Tokyo, Japan, at the local XROSS music club under the auspices of Vestax Corporation. A range of tips and tricks for perfect and perfect mixing, scratching or beat juggling from the world's leading champions. The DVD brings a complete recording of their bloated DJ sets, divided into individual parts. The fascinating and unique record of the DJ competition was produced by the Japanese PACO CORPORATION in November 2004. Nowhere else can you see the perfect tricks of DJ champions in mixing, scratching or beat juggling up so close! 



  • pair of DVDs from the world final of the Vestax Extravaganza competition in Tokyo, Japan 
  • Disc #1 captures the first elimination round of 13 competing DJs from all over the world
  • Disc #2 captures the second and final round of the competition with the best five advancers 
  • finals: DJ Craim (IT), DJ Blakey (UK), DJ I-Emerge (USA), DJ Yasa (JAP), DJ Hi-C (JAP) 
  • bonus on Disc #1 - in addition exclusive performances by DJ Akakabe & DJ Hanger
  • bonus on Disc #2 - exclusive performance by DJ Woody & DJ Ned Hoddings 
  • a unique document, that is no longer distributed in regular sales 
  • recording format DVD: VIDEO / NTSC 




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