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Vestax PMC-500 (r)

Vestax PMC-500 (r)

Professional 5-channel mixer with up to 17 different signal sources for fixed installation in music clubs and discos as a versatile and comprehensive solution for all possible applications in such an environment. It respects the demands of sound engineers and DJs to operate a music club or disco. Product refurbished.

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June 2024

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The Vestax PMC-500 mixer was designed primarily for fixed installations in music clubs and discotheques as a universal and comprehensive solution for all possible applications that occur in such an environment. It respects the demands of sound technicians as well as DJs for the operation of a music club or disco, where a large number of performers take turns and each of them may have different requirements for connecting to the DJ console. Vestax PMC-500 club mixer has 5 dedicated PGM channels, each with 3-band isolator (HI, MID, LOW), 7 segment LED level indicator, numerous input options, great effects controls and super smooth 60mm tight torque rail slide fader. 5 main PGMs channels you can select from up to 3 input sources as follows PHONO 1 / LINE 1 / LINE 2. All PHONO inputs are RIAA equalized, the LINE inputs can be assigned to either a CD player, MD player, DAT player, Tape Deck or other like LINE device. Two dedicated MIC channels, which can also be used as LINE channels. The main MIC channel has a XLR balanced input whilst MIC 2 has unbalanced TRS (1/4) input. Both MIC 1 & 2 have MIC effect loop inputs TRS (1/4) and 2-band EQ (HI, LOW). Both channels are also switch able to LINE channels with a LED indicating which channel is active.view full description »

High quality Vestax PCV crossfader (user replaceable) with 4 pre-selectable crossfader curve settings for long or short mixing (scratching and cutting). Flexible Auxiliary (AUX) Send and Receive (RCV) controls, both with volume level controls. AUX SEND is pre-selectable to PRE, OFF or POST with its own CUE switch. The AUX RCV has 7 segment LED for active level metering. Full Master and Booth controls. Both Master 1 & 2 and booth outputs are limitable. The attenuation switch is located under the top panel and pre-selectable (range -10dB or 0dB). The BOOTH level also has a dedicated 2-band EQ for accurate monitoring and a BOOTH mute (100%) switch. Advanced monitoring and headphone controls with dedicated 2-band EQ (HI, LOW). The headphone signal is selectable to SPLIT CUE or STEREO CUE.

The output section of the Vestax PMC-500 mixing desk has two independent MASTER symmetrical stereo outputs with limiters. The outputs are doubled (XLR and TRS Jakc 6.3 connectors) and a symmetrical BOOTH output, which is also doubled. The headphone and monitor outputs (BOOTH) are equipped with 2-band frequency band corrections (HI, LOW) and a monitoring option. The LED indicator of the output section is switchable; it is therefore possible to monitor both the signal level on the MASTER 1 and MASTER 2 outputs. Another output is a stereo output for connecting a recording device (REC OUT) on RCA connectors. The mixer also has a standardized 6-pin fireproof MUTE connector on the rear panel; it can therefore be connected to the club's evacuation system. The power supply of the mixer is solved in order to achieve a high quality of the audio signal by a separate power source; this is the AC-20 adapter here. The construction of the chassis is robust and the materials used and the factory workmanship make it clear for what purposes the PMC-500 mixer was developed. It is designed for demanding applications in music clubs and fixed installations.



  • professional legendary Japanese 5-channel club mixer in 19" HU for fixed installations or large venues
  • mixer brings the possibility of connecting up to 17 different signal sources (PHONO / LINE / MIC)
  • controll of input signal levels, adaptation to each signal source via switch on channel (0/−10 dB)
  • 2 independent microphone inputs with the possibility of 2-band equalization (−24 dB/+4 dB)
  • 3-band correction with equalization and spec.function ISOLATOR (range −∞ / +4 dB)
  • fuction routing - each of the 5 channels can be routed to a separate section AUX
  • the possibility of assigning all input faders to any side of the crossfader A / B
  • crossfader curve sweep switch with 4 defined options (moment of the curve)
  • 2 double MASTER outputs (balanced XLR and unbalanced TRS 6,3)
  • fireproof MUTE connector for connection to the evacuation system
  • user replaceable input faders and crossfader
  • external power supply unit Vestax AC-20
  • 19" HU robust construction of mixer
  • TOP condition (refurbished)



Inputs 12x LINE stereo (RCA)
5x PHONO [RIAA] stereo (RCA)
2x MIC (XLR / TRS 6,3)
1x AUX/RCV [VFX] stereo (TRS 6,3)
Outputs 2x MASTER balanced stereo (XLR)
2x MASTER unbalanced stereo (TRS 6,3)
1x BOOTH balanced stereo (XLR)
1x BOOTH unbalanced stereo (TRS 6,3)
1x REC unbalanced stereo (RCA)
1x AUX/SEND [VFX] stereo (TRS 6,3)
EQ 3 band (Hi, Mid, Low) ISOLATOR −∞/+4 dB
Frequency range 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz (±1 dB)
Crosstalk >90 dB
S/N ratio >75 dB
Distortion factor <0,02%
Power supply AC-20 (1,5 A)
Input power 47 W
Dimension 482 x 137 x 235 mm
Weight 8,1 kg
Accessories external power supply unit Vestax AC-20



USER MANUALVestax PMC-500 - user manual




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