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Vestax PMC-08Pro WHT (r)

Vestax PMC-08Pro WHT (r)

Professional dual-channel hybrid digital mixer, equipped with 24-bit / 96 kHz DSPs with the lowest latency ratio, 2x USB port, internal TUB-1 sound card, input level switches, Matrix Assign, two effect sections to connect external VFX, tension faders to adjust balance, adjustable waveform and CF curve width. B-stock, refurbished. 

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July 2024

 B-Stock  Original Japan  picto-expected-date-0724.png   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


The Vestax PMC-08Pro WHT, the first professional two-channel hybrid digital mixer in its class, soon became a legend in the world after its launch and in its category of battle mixers, an unprecedented mixing console. It is produced in two versions; white and black. The Japanese company Vestax, by developing the PMC-08Pro WHT mixer and launching it on the market, has done what was previously impossible. Features that were unavailable to DJs with the analog circuits of classic mixers could be used at once thanks to modern digital technology implanted in this mixing desk. It is equipped with AD / DA converters with the lowest latency ratio and a high level of power (24-bit / 96 kHz DSP). In addition to digitization, the mixer brought a number of other benefits for DJs. These include the application of new fader technology, the digital crossfader circuit, the unique Matrix Assign system, but also the new layout and the actual design of the controls with an emphasis on strict ergonomics and pure functionality of individual rotary controls and fader fingerboards. Last but not least, exclusive above-standard equipment. In the new version, the PMC-08Pro WHT mixer is expanded as standard with an additional USB port (internal TUB-1 card) . view full description »

All processes, whether you mix, adjust the audio signal or filter, as well as all modulations, run digitally in the PMC-08Pro WHT. Thanks to this, for example, the crosstalk parameter is min. 90 dB, which is a level you can't even think of with classic analog mixers. The absence of distortion, readability and quality of the audio signal, but also accuracy, has now become a reality thanks to the Vestax technology of the PMC-08Pro WHT digital hybrid mixer. In addition, volume, fader curve control, equalizers or isolators, crossfader insertion torque, all tuned internally using software, allowing you to even better tailor all characteristics to your preferences. The mixer is now equipped with a digital USB interface, with which you can achieve an unlimited digital connection to your PC.

The dual sound conditioning system, an element that is a unique achievement of the Vestax in the PMC-08Pro WHT, allows you to switch the equalizer to the isolator with a single switch. The isolator allows the use of the complete frequency band suppression function (kill function), while the equalizer gives the sound greater dynamism (± 12 dB). The digital circuit of the mixer crossfader itself has the ability to significantly eliminate unwanted noise and crosstalk of individual channels. It can adjust the time of insertion of one signal into another with digital accuracy up to a hundredth of a millimeter of the rider's movement, according to user settings. DJs who like to scratch this feature will certainly appreciate it. The world's best DJs also participated in the development and testing of this technology together with Vestax laboratories (the console today uses eg D-Styles, Mix Master Mike, DJ Tigerstyle, and the console is one of three from Vestax used by Q-Bert).

The unique Matrix Assign system selects the audio source from INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 and assigns it to both PGM channels. You can play the same track on both channels, and add effects to only one of them. This is a feature that will make your style creative and original. For effect loops, the mixer is equipped with 2 stereo SEND / RCV inputs / outputs, so you can use up to two independent effects simultaneously. In addition, they are equipped with input sensitivity switches for easier adjustment of the signal source to the mixing console. The PMC-08Pro WHT has longer signal LEDs for more accurate level adjustment and can be switched to show the signal levels of each PGM channel or master and L / R monitoring section. Like the crossfader, both input faders are easily replaceable (designation of replaceable faders: CF-08 / IF-08; see the manual for replacement method). The mixer has a separate power supply to achieve peak sound performance; uses an external PSU AC-20 power supply for power.

The Vestax PMC-08Pro WHT hybrid digital mixing console is, summed up and underlined, the ideal powerful tool for battles and hip-hop DJs, offering them a huge range of creativity thanks to its great parameters and exclusive above-standard equipment. The product belongs to the high-end models of the Japanese Vestax and most of the world's leading DJs have it in the rider. The PMC-08Pro WHT is traditionally manufactured at Tokyo's Vestax Corporation .

infoidea Tip: this product also includes a transport Vestax touring case Hard case MX-08.



  • hybrid digital mixing console with USB interface 
  • 24-bit / 96 kHz AD / DA converters with the lowest latency / power ratio 
  • matching signal sources to mix inputs: level switches (−10 dB / 0 dB / + 4 dB) 
  • input signal level control and 3-band equalizer / ISOLATOR 
  • linear faders to adjust the stereo balance independently for both PGM channels 
  • Matrix Assign - assigns the signal from INPUT 1 / INPUT 2 to one or both PGM channels 
  • control of the course of the engagement curve of both input faders and the mirror switch 
  • adjustable course and width of the crossfader engagement curve and mirror switch 
  • digital crossfader tuned by internal processor circuits
  • two effect sections (SEND / RCV loops) to connect external devices 
  • user-replaceable input faders and crossfaders and switches (TRANSFORMER) 
  • dual MASTER output - balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA 
  • separate AC-20 power supply unit
  • B-stock, refurbished



Inputs 2x LINE stereo (RCA)
2x PHONO [RIAA] stereo (RCA)
2x RCV [FX] stereo (TRS 6,3)
1x RCV [FX] mono (TRS 6,3)
1x SESSION (LINE) stereo (RCA)
1x USB [TUB-1] (typ B)
1x MIC (TRS 6,3)
Outputs 1x MASTER balanced stereo (XLR)
1x MASTER unbalanced stereo (RCA)
1x BOOTH unbalanced stereo (RCA)
2x SEND [FX] stereo (TRS 6,3)
1x SEND [FX] mono (TRS 6,3)
1x USB [TUB-1] (typ B)
EQ 3 band (Hi, Mid, Low) ±12 dB / EQ OFF / −∞ dB ISOLATOR
FX efects 2 IN RCV and 2 OUT SEND for external devices 
Frequency range 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz (±1 dB)
Crosstalk >90 dB
Noise ratio >89 dB
Power AC-20 (18 V)
Consumption  38 W
Dimension 264 x 80 x 393 mm
Weight 4,5 kg
Accessories power supply AC-20, touring case MX-08



PAID SERVICE USER MANUALVestax PMC-08Pro WHT - user manual



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  1. Awesome (Rick, 13 Apr 2023 14:02:51) Reply | Show replies

    Hi, this looks amazing, any idea when it will be ready for shipping?

    1. Re: Awesome (Vestax ADMIN, 15 Apr 2023 10:04:51) Reply

      Dear friend, this product now temporarily sold out, the earliest possibility of purchase maybe at the beginning of May.

  2. Is available? (Antonio, 14 May 2023 12:03:37) Reply

    Hi, id' like to know if this product is available to buy please,thanks.

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