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Vestax DSC-2000 cover (d)

Vestax DSC-2000 cover (d)

The DSC-2000 (dust cover / deck saver) is an Iupilon® tempered polycarbonate toughened polycarbonate turntable with mechanical sliding hinges. DSC  is designed for Vestax turntables PDX-2000 and PDX-3000 series and also for some BDT Series turntables.

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The Vestax DSC-2000 (Dust Cover / Deck Saver) is factory original, professional dustproof removable turntable cover designed for the Vestax PDX Series turntables. He is made of toughened polycarbonate glass MFI Iupilon® (Made by Mitsubishi) and is provided with separate mechanical hinges. DSC-2000 is designed for Vestax turntables PDX-2000 and PDX-3000 Series but also for some models of turntables from BDT Series. A set of two mechanical hinges is included with the DSC-2000 enclosure Vestax VE HK-1 which are intended to be attached to the turntable chassis and into which the cover is then mounted. The cover is provided with embossments that increase its strength against unwanted dents. DSC-2000 very easy to remove. VE HK-1 hinges are attached to the rear side of the chassis turntable. DSC-2000 is slid on their guide segments.

infoideaUse only original accessories for Vestax PDX-2000 / PDX-3000 turntables.



  • professional turntable dust cover / deck saver with twoo removable mechanical hinges in accessories
  • with designed embossments that increase its great strength against unwanted dents
  • shaping the cover to allow the turntable to keep the original DSL-1 LED lamp
  • made of hardened polycarbonate glass MFI Iupilon® by Mitsubishi Co.
  • optimal working temperature (recommended) -20°C ≈ +60°C
  • B-stock (non-original packaging, 100% without scratches)
  • easy assembly and disassembly, turntable protection



Application PDX-2000 / PDX-3000 Series, BDT Series
Material polycarbonate glass MFI Iupilon® (Mitsubishi)
Hardness M70 / refractive index 1,584
Working temperature span  -20°C ≈ +60°C
Dimension 454 x 365 x 118 mm
Weight 725 g (with HK-1)
Accessories set of twoo mechanical hinges VE HK-1




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  1. Condition (Harry, 23 Nov 2023 12:09:03) Reply | Show replies

    Hello I want to buy cover. What does B-stock mean? is the cover previously used - in good condition, no cracks or scratches

    1. Re: Condition (Vestax Customer Support, 23 Nov 2023 13:29:59) Reply

      This is premium sale / limited QTY / class B-Stock in perfect condition, just unpacked and only in non-origin.packaging. Clean and without scratches.

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