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Original Japan two-input RCA terminal (CHINCH), insultation in various colors, factory assembled and designed for service replacement on the PCB board, for mixers PMC/PCV Series and MIDI controllers VCI Series.

Code: J022REN221
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Original spare part - two-input RCA terminal (2 CINCH connector nest) for soldering on PCB board. It is produced in several variants for specific MIDI controllers and mixers. The different types of terminals differ from each other in the arrangement of the soldering points, the dimensions and the spacing of the fasteners. These are original Vestax japanese spare parts that are not interchangeable with similar parts from other manufacturers!

infoidea Tip: if you have not found your model, for which you need a 2P-RCA TERMINAL, please contact us.



  • original Japan factory assembled part - two-input RCA terminal (CINCH) various types of terminals
  • 2P-RCA V100 ... for inputs / outputs VCI-100 / VCI-100MkII controllers
  • 2P-RCA V300 ... for inputs / outputs VCI-300 / VCI-300MkII controllers
  • 2P-RCA V400 ... for inputs / outputs VCI-380 Series / VCI-400 Series
  • 2P-RCA V600 ... for inputs / outputs VCM-600 / VCM-100 / TR-1
  • 2P-RCA V500 ... for inputs / outputs PMC-500 or PMC-580Pro
  • 2P-RCA VTSX ... for inputs / outputs TYPHOON, SPIN Ctrl
  • 2P-RCA VCCX ... for inputs / outputs Rec/Sub PMC-CX
  • 2P-RCA T175i ... for inputs / outputs Line IN PCV-275
  • for expert mounting on PCB as input / output RCA



PDF soubor General table of spare parts and accessories Vestax (349 kB)
PDF soubor Table of compatibility CF, IF, PF, RF Vestax (1,85 MB)




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  1. Vinylplayer PDT 1500 (Cevin Heinze, 6 Apr 2024 12:24:00) Reply | Show replies

    Hey, Do you sell two-input RCA Terminals for the PDT 1500 Vinylplayer? Kind Regards. Cevin Heinze

    1. Re: Vinylplayer PDT 1500 (Vestax ADMIN, 6 Apr 2024 18:33:20) Reply

      Hello, yes. This type is 2P RCA PDX (SJ022135002)

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