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Vestax AC-20 US

Vestax AC-20 US

External power supplies US version for mixers PMC-580Pro, PMC-500, PMC-CX, PMC-08Pro and R-3 Premium professional studio mixing consoles. Separate power supplies ensure better technical parameters of the devices, especially quality interference suppression from undesirable effects of the power supply on other electronic components. This is a original Vestax factory part.

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Japanese Vestax has inspired knowledge in the past as well as some of the world's leading mixer manufacturers using separate power supplies for their products to achieve clear sound and eliminate any disturbances. Some expert opinions also state that a separate power supply provides better audiophile output sound quality or that it is easier for a consumer electronics equipped with a separate power supply to acquire a new adapter if a problem occurs due to a poor grid. Separate power supplies are no exception to Vestax. Especially with the Vestax mixers, this tradition is always maintained. Compact external power supplies for Vestax devices have sophisticated protection against short-circuit, overvoltage and overload or overheating. They allow long-term operation and thus contribute to the maximum reliability of the mixers. Of course, these power supplies comply with the ErP Directive and have a CE declaration; each source is provided with a safety marking according to CE, TÜV, cUL standards.

The largest external AC power supplies, the AC-20, are designed for the Vestax PMC Series professional mixers. The DC-15 or AC-14 / AC-12 power supplies are designed for smaller mixers or older mixer models. For CD players or especially for MIDI controllers, SDC series external power supplies are intended. For a complete overview of all Vestax power supplies, including their classification for a specific device, see the compatibility table for the specified spare parts; you can also download this information below in PDF files.

infoideaUse only recommended original Vestax power supplies. Use of others may damage the Vestax unit.



  • for mixers PMC-08Pro, PMC-CX, PMC-500, PMC-580Pro, R-3 Premium
  • elimination of any undesirable interference from mains sources
  • for a cleaner sound and more space for instrument design
  • easier source replacement in case of unexpected event
  • compatibility with with some specific Vestax devices
  • safety according to standards CE, TÜV, cUL, PSE
  • extra accessories VE tape cable organizer
  • Vestax Number factory G120120A43/2
  • SC - Solid Core new construction
  • RoHS product compatibility
  • US version (120V)



Input voltage 120 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Specification AC power adapter, transformer separated
Output current AC [ ~ ] alternating current
Power connector B3P-VH (incl. locking screw thread)
Cable lenght 1,65 m (low voltage part)
Dimension 100 x 175 x 128 mm
Weight 1700 g (netto)
Use (by Vestax) PMC-08Pro, PMC-CX, PMC-500, PMC-580Pro, R-3 Premium
Package incl. bonus VE tape cable organizer 2 pcs



PDF soubor Vestax power supply - user manual (1,5 MB)
PDF soubor Table of general spare parts Vestax (349 kB)
PDF soubor Table compatibility CF, IF, RF, PSU (1,85 MB)




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