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Vestax CLS-1 KIT

Vestax CLS-1 KIT

Special fader cut lug spacer (rubber stoppers) designed for original Vestax crossfaders. Using these spacers, you can easily adjust the width of the waveform of the corresponding crossfader. The KIT includes 4 pcs and crossfader cleaner.

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Special fader cut lug spacer (rubber stoppers) designed for Vestax crossfader. These spacers can be used to easily adjust the slider engagement range of the respective crossfader. Reduces the delay that usually occurs when using a crossfader technique called scratching / juggling, when the caliper of the crossfader rider encounters the dead center of the mixer assembly panel in both extreme positions. Made of technical rubber compound, resistant to excessive wear (are tested in the same way as original Japan PCV™ faders). Vestax CLS-1 allow faster crossfader technique by shortening its waveform and allow sharper sound splits. Can be used for Vestax QFO Series, PMC-05Pro III, PMC-05, PMC-05Pro SL, PMC-007, PMC-07Pro, PMC-07 ISP, PMC-06Pro A etc. Easy assembly and disassembly. The KIT includes 4 pcs fader cut lug spacers and crossfader cleaner. Using the CLS-1 KIT will shorten the travel of the Vestax crossfader slider by 5 mm on each side.



  • special fader cut lug spacer designed for Vestax CF (crossfader) for PMC Series mixers with crossfader "SFV-03N" type
  • PMC-05Pro, PMC-05Pro II, PMC-05Pro III, PMC-05ProSL, PMC-05Pro III VCA, QFO, QFO LE, QFO DX
  • PMC-06Pro, PMC-06Pro A, PMC-007, PMC-07Pro, PMC-07Pro ISP, PMC-05Pro Q
  • adjusts (shortens) the width of the rider's path for the Vestax crossfader
  • made of technical rubber compound, resistant to excessive wear
  • very easy and quick assembly, immediate use with Vestax CF
  • separate rubber stopers are distributed in the package
  • compatibility with various Vestax crossfaders
  • KIT includes 4 pcs and crossfader cleaner



PDF file Vestax CLS-1 KIT user manual (1,39 kB)
PDF soubor Table of compatibility parts (1,85 MB)




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