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Vestax Customer Card

Vestax Customer Card

Are you not our premium customer? The Vestax customer card allows you to access the premium services of the Helpdesk. Subscribe to the card!

Code: 4516184200000
€ 49.00
Availability: in stock

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The Vestax Customer Card is a premium virtual card authorizes you to access for Vestax Helpdesk services for easy acquisition original services manuals, update tech-informations, software files or firmware files for Vestax products. The virtual card has a unique number that allows you to use HELDESK services etc. Subscribe to this card!

The card will allow you to easy consult technical issues with our HELPDESK Team. Our support will be at your disposal by email under the same conditions as if you purchased the product directly from us. But that's not all; the card also serves as a loyalty bonus program and you will get interesting discounts for selected spare parts.

Customers who have purchased € 150 or more * in our store automatically receive the virtual card free of charge. (* The amount counts for purchases made in one calendar year).

infoideaTIP: Use Vestax Customer Card - get superior customer care. The validity of card is no time limited.

infotext NOTE: Customers who have purchased € 150 or more automatically receive the card free of charge.*

info-blue-icon.png INFO: Frequently asked questions about the Vestax Customer Card can be found here.



  • The Vestax Customer Card is a premium virtual card  for VIP customers
  • access to update tech & services  information,  SW & HW files
  • access to original VX services manuals and tech-notice
  • discounts for selected non-discounted spare parts
  • edhanced guarantee for selected spare parts
  • bonus customer program



Discounts YES, -10% for non-discounted selected parts
Manuals YES, access to complete Vestax archiv
Updates YES, technical and firmware updates
Software YES, new releases
Firmware YES, updates files
Bonus YES, collector's editions of souvenirs



PDF soubor Vestax Customer Card - about access (0,5 MB)




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  1. service manual (Peter, 28 Jul 2022 03:24:37) Reply

    Hi, is there anyway you can tell if you have the service manual or schematic for the Vesta Kaza DIG420 sampler/delay? I am happy to pay for it and the vestax customer card if you do.. Regards Peter.

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