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Vestax JOG PT Flame

Vestax JOG PT Flame

JOG Platter for VCi (pair). For those who want to be different from others and like their own tuning of devices, there is an upgrade of USB MIDI controllers Vestax VCI-300 / VCI-300MkII. Aluminum JOG discs for mounting on existing JOG wheels of the VCI-300 or VCI-300MkII series controller in the original Japanese Shuriken design.

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 Dočasně vyprodáno  Originální náhradní díly   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


For the USB MIDI audio / video controller VCI-300MkII and of course for the MIDI controller VCI-300 there is a set of two aluminum discs that will significantly change the design of your Vestax controller. Shuriken aluminum tuning discs are produced for JOG WHEEL rotary sensors, which can be mounted on the existing JOG wheels of the mentioned MIDI controllers of the VCI-300 and VCI-300MkII series, respectively. The discs are made of first-class aluminum with a quality finish in the original Japanese design of the legendary Shuriken (Shuriken = a traditional Japanese inconspicuous weapon that was used for throwing or stabbing, most often in the shape of a star with a blade). Custom JOGs are made with an internal cut with a BIKE or FLAME motif. Upgrading the original factory JOG discs (made of acrylic glass) to Shuriken tuning is very simple and can be done by a normal user. The package includes two discs and a set of six mounting screws with installation instructions. 



  • Shuriken discs with motives to upgrade JOG WHEEL sensors of MIDI controllers VCI-300 / VCI-300MkII 
  • quality first-class aluminum surface-treated moldings with FLAME motifs 
  • the package contains 2 discs w. set of six M3 mounting screws 
  • red Vestax V-shaped logo in the center of the disc 



Modification quality aluminum with anodized finish 
Design Shuriken designed as  "FLAME"
Mouting 3 pcs screws M3
Dimension I cartridge ø38 mm / inner circles ø68 mm
Dimension O ø118 x th.1,1 mm
Weight 2 g



PDF soubor Vestax Custom JOG Shuriken - manual




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  1. Dotaz (RichardSP, 26 Apr 2015 16:36:59) Reply

    Dobrý den, chtěl bych se zeptat, jestli by šli tyhle disky použít pro můj kontroler VCI-400? Děkuji.
    ADMIN: Tento typ nelze použít pro kontrolér VCI-400, protože má (oproti VCI-300/VCI-300MkII) jinak řešeny JOGY.

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