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Vestax ENGINE MGU3000

Vestax ENGINE MGU3000

For the Vestax PDX-3000, PDX-3000MkII and PDX-3000 ANN Series turntables are equipped with a replacement engine block consisting of a DC servo and a DC Quartz System motor. Latest specifications (since 2012) compared to older versions (v.2000 and v.2005).

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October 2024

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For Vestax PDX-3000, PDX-3000MIX, PDX-3000MkII, PDX-3000 30ANN Series a Controller ONE Series turntables designed ENGINE MGU2000 replacement monoblock unit, composed of a DC servo and Direct Drive motor with Quartz System. Latest improved generation (specification 2012). Based on practical knowledge from previous versions of power units (v.2000, v.2005) was this specification improved with an emphasis on greater performance and reliability. Supplied separately without Vestax HP-PDX turntable holder (this must be ordered separately). The monoblock unit  is equipped with a PCB board with connectors for easy connection to turntable electronics.For use only by Vestax authorized repairers and authorized service centers. It is recommended to entrust replacement of the unit to specialists.

infoidea Tip: If you are unsure about your choice, consult our customer support before purchasing this part.

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  • Vestax PDX-3000 Series a PDX-3000MkII Series a Controller ONE replacement turntable professional ENGINE monoblock / unit
  • monoblock DC servo & DD motor with Quartz System, incl. PCB board with CN1 / CN2 MOLEX JTS connectors 2.0
  • recommended for Vestax PDX-2000 Series, PDX-2300 Series and QFO Series turntables
  • we highly recommend having the unit replaced by an authorized service center
  • latest improved generation of PDX ENGINE unit (specification 2012 / V3.0)
  • new high quality sensors by Citizen / Stanlay



Specification Vestax PDX-3000 Series, PDX-3000MkII Series, Controller ONE Series turntables
Type DC servo + motor DD Quartz System / PCB board with MOLEX connectors JTS
Connection connectors CN1/CN2 MOLEX JTS 2.0
Fastening 4 screws M8 x 24 (metric thread)
Dimension M ø 117 x 56 mm (motor DD Quartz Sytem)
Dimension S ø 98 mm x 21 mm (DC servo)
Weight 1,35 kg (netto)
Accessories assembly and wiring instructions



PDF soubor Vestax original parts - manual (0 kB)




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  1. Brasil (Hugo, 17 May 2015 21:04:31) Reply | Show replies

    ola amigo queria dois motores do toca discos Vestax pdx2000 vc teria como me vender sou do Brasil sp

    1. Re: Brasil (Vestax ADMIN, 10 Jun 2018 09:29:49) Reply

      Olá, sim, é possível, os bens podem ser enviados para o Brasil. Tempo de entrega (transporte padrão) 2-3 semanas. Sobre transporte detalhado aqui - visite este link: https://www.audimpex.cz/inpage/shopping-guide/#shipping

  2. mr (Petr Špera, 20 Nov 2023 17:10:06) Reply | Show replies

    Hi, will you have the pdx 3000 motor in stock or is it no longer produced.

    1. Re: mr (Vestax Customer Support, 22 Nov 2023 11:46:12) Reply

      Hello, they are out of stock at this time. The first stocking date will be at the end of December, but only the last few pieces. There will be no further production.

      1. Re: Re: mr (Petr, 22 Nov 2023 18:44:04) Reply

        So if I order it now is there a chance to get it?

        1. Re: Re: Re: mr (Vestax Customer Support, 23 Nov 2023 13:39:16) Reply

          Answer: if you order it now, the chance is most high. Because all PDX engines sell out instantly and very quickly (also in pre-orders and previous reservations for services).

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