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Vestax ENGINE NDC2600

Vestax ENGINE NDC2600

For the Vestax BDT-2500, BDT-2600, HandyTrax Series and CM-2 / CM-02 GŰBER replacement turntables are equipped with the original Engine DC SERVO (BELT DRIVE) replacement drive unit. Second, improved generation (specifications up to 2014).

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 Original Japan  Originální náhradní díly  Doporučeno využít autoriz.servis   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


For someone turntables with belt drives Vestax BDT-2500 and  BDT-2600, older models CM-2 a CM-02 GŰBER Series; HandyTrax, HandyTrax USB (WHT / BLK modification) is designed  replacement power unit - engine DC SERVO commutator motor.  Second, improved generation (specification up to 2014 year). Supplied separately without pulley for belt drive (this must be ordered separately if necessary; the Vestax BD-2.9 belt is also ordered separately). The motor is equipped with solder connectors DPS MOLEX for simple wiring harness connection to turntable electronics. Only for Vestax authorized repairers and authorized service centers. It is recommended to entrust replacement of the unit to specialists.

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  • DC motor designed for Vestax turntables BDT-2500 / BDT-2600 Series turntables
  • DC motor intended also for HandyTrax / HandyTrax USB portable turntables
  • compatible for Vestax custom series turntables CM-2 /CM-02 GŰBER 
  • monoblock DC motor with CN4B connectors, shaft without belt pulley
  • improved generation of drive unit engine (spec. up to 2014 year)
  • it is recommended replacement of this unit only to experts
  • premium original part Made in Japan for Vestax



Specification BDT-2500, BDT-2600 BLK, BDT-2600 WHT, CM-2 GŰBER, CM-02 GŰBER, HandyTrax, HandyTrax USB (WHT / BLK)
Description DC SERVO commutator flat drive unit engine with CN4B connectors
Connection connectors CN4B (DPS MOLEX)
Assembly 3 screws M6 x 12
Dimension ø 67 x 36 mm / H=28 mm
Weight 0,40 kg (btto)
Accessories assembly and wiring instructions



PDF soubor Vestax original parts - manuál (0 kB)




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