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Vestax HardCase™

Vestax HardCase™

HardCase™ are high quality touring carrying cases for Vestax devices. Made of carefully selected and proven materials. They are equipped with robust fittings, a spring handle for easy transport and internal shaped damping. Durable finish, Japanese Vestax design. Suitable for professional touring equipment.

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Premium custom-made Vestax HardCase "HC" carrying cases are made for turntables, mixing consoles, CD players and other Vestax devices. They are designed for safe and comfortable transport. Compared to conventional transport cases, they differ not only in appearance but especially in their high-quality design and the associated high degree of durability. HCs are designed to withstand the unwanted rougher way of handling, which is known more from demanding rental and touring operations. The safety of Vestax devices during transport comes first.view full description »

They are made of high-quality seven-layer oak plywood with a surface treatment (pressure-applied, mechanically resistant plastic foil in red Vestax logo) and have a very robust construction, the edges are protected by aluminum shaped profiles and the corners are equipped with protective round corners of 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel sheet. Case HC are equipped with powerful high-quality butterfly-type locks with a reinforced metal construction of the mechanism, an extrusion spring used for comfortable handling during unlocking and an eye for locking with a padlock. Cases are equipped with special spring handles, wrapped in plastic material, which adapts to the weight of the transported equipment and allows very comfortable transport of even heavier equipment, unlike competing products, which use ordinary rubberized handles, which are cut into the hands and work with them is not pleasant . The inside of the case is padded with Viscofoam® PUR foam filling, which serves to protect against mechanical damage to the transported device. The cases are also equipped with rubber 20 mm feet on the underside and have an aluminum label with the Vestax logo on the lid. 

The height of the bottom of the case after opening the top - the lid (which is provided on the inside with a flexible foam pressure protecting the turntable plate) is less than the height of the turntable chassis and allows the turntable to comfortably use inside the bottom of the case without having to pull out. The cut-out on the back inside of the case is intended for transporting accessories - in this case the cabling to the turntable. 

VESTAX TIP: HC professional touring cases are made exactly to measure the individual products of the Japanese brand Vestax. The photos also show alternatives (HC MX for mixing consoles, HC C1 for Controller One, HC TQ for QFO turntables and HC CX for Vestax CD players). 



  • several versions for different devices: TT = for PDX Series turntables, MX = for PMC-580, 500, 08, 05 Series mixers 
  • C1 = for MIDI turntables Controller ONE, CX = for two CD players series CDX-07/05, TQ = for turntable QFO  
  • durable construction of the touring case against unwanted rougher way of manipulation 
  • seven-layer oak plywood with a surface treatment against mechanical damage 
  • steel 1.5 mm thick galvanized fittings and shaped aluminum profiles protecting the edges 
  • robust large butterfly locks with reinforced steel construction and extrusion spring 
  • shaped foam PUR filling Viscofoam® inside the case
  • comfortable spring handle with steel beam
  • four rubber feet ø20 mm 
  • extremely long case



Description HC (touring version, reinforced walls, steel elements)
Material 9 mm seven-layer oak plywood 
Surface finish  plastic structured foil PRIME ™ Wrap, red 
Top lid removable with steel hinges, internal pressure plate 
Bottom plastazote, molded PUR foam Viscofoam® 
Fittings steel elements th. 1.5 mm, anodized finish 
Locks 2x type butterfly with compression spring and eye 
Handle spring ø 20 mm with plastic handle casing 
Dimension 520 x 210 x 455 mm / outer (applies for HC model TT)
Weight 3,9 kg (applies for HC model TT)




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