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Vestax HS-1 BLK

Vestax HS-1 BLK

Headshell, a Vestax Japanese luxury pickup holder; color of item in dark black with distinctive black  Japanese "V" logotype and connecting cables with gold plated connectors.

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 Exclusive Limited Edition  Original Japan  Original Vestax Parts



Vestax cartridge holders alias headshells are made of high-quality aluminum alloy and bear the traditional shaped logo "V" Ergonomic design with long finger stirrup for comfortable handling. Headshell are fitted with four flexible hybrid wire of pure silver and copper. This wire composition ensures the transmission of very clear high tones of the audio signal and contributes to brilliant sound. The wire ends are provided with terminals for connecting phone source; terminals are made of gilded rhodium. The Vestax Headshells is suitable for all ½ "mounts and of course for Vestax PDX Series turntables. They are manufactured in several color variations, from classic black and silver across the color spectrum to special fluorescent surface headshell Vestax HS-2 GID.



  • standard internationally established manufacturers of turntables ½" mounting
  • high-quality headshell body made of lightweight aluminum alloy
  • long stirrup for convenient handling of the mounted cartridge
  • four flexible pure silver / audiophile copper hybrid wires
  • wires fitted with gold plated connection terminals
  • color-coded wires for fast & easy connection
  • four gold-plated bayonet touch-contacts
  • color finish with Japanese logotype
  • limited edition, custom production



Design lightweight aluminum alloy body with color finish with black "V" Japanese logotype
Specification BLK - matte black
Connection standard bayonet ½ INCH
Wire material hybrid, Ag / High-pure Cu audiophile
Terminals rohdium, gold plated 16k Au
Mounting span 31 - 42 mm (measured to the headshell shaft)
Dimension 55 x 20 / 2 mm (body THS), 21 mm (stirrup for handling with headshell)
Weight 0,80 g (netto)




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  1. vestax HS1 Black (Filippo Midali, 15 Jan 2021 11:41:57) Reply

    Hello, do you get any vestax Hs1 black in the future?
    i see now they are sold out..

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