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Vestax HFC-1

Vestax HFC-1

Replacement ribbon cables for Vestax HMX-05 DJ headphones made with High Pure OFC technology (1.2m high purity oxygen free copper conductors) terminated with gold plated TRS 3.6 and TRS 3.6 L connectors. Available in five different colors red, green, purple, white and black.

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Replacement flat HFC-1 cables are intended for Vestax HMX-05 Series DJ headphones. The cable conductors are made using High Pure OFC technology (conductors made of high-purity oxygen-free copper). Thanks to the technology used, the quality of the audio signal is significantly improved, losses during its transmission are minimized and the transmission of the entire width of the frequency range of the audio signal is improved. The special flat construction of the HDTF cable guarantees that the cable will not become tangled or twisted. The ribbon cable also allows you to easily store it on the go. The length of the Vestax HFC-1 supply cables is 1.2 m as standard. The cables are terminated with gold-plated Jack 3.5 stereo / Jack 3.5 stereo type L connectors (angled connector). You can choose HFC-1 cables in five different colors, red, green, purple, white and black. 



  • state-of-the-art High Pure OFC technology of used conductors (conductors made of high-purity oxygen-free copper) 
  • cable body composed of a PBT composition and 30% glass fiber; Polyolefin insulator 
  • cable length 1.2 m / flat HDTF cable to prevent unwanted twisting 
  • eliminates loss of audio signal transmission, unwanted impedance changes 
  • five color variants of the cable: red, green, purple, white, black 
  • fitted with straight and angled gold-plated TRS 3.5 connector 
  • SVC (SERVICE) version for services



Cable type Hi-Tech Audio Pure Fidelity
Finish flat cable, PCOCC wires
Wire composition 12x 0,18 mm + 6x 0,18 mm
Isolation Polyolefin
Shielding aluminium tape
Body PBT and 30% glass fiber fraction 
Housing Thermoplastic Elastomers
Conectors 1x TRS 3,5 / 1x TRS L3,5
Construction of connectors  aluminum body, 14k Au gold-plated terminals 
Cable length  1,2 m
Weight 18 g (netto)




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