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Vestax HMX-05 WHT (d)

Vestax HMX-05 WHT (d)

Professional DJ headphones with closed shell design, which are equipped with 40mm drivers with a maximum output of 100 mW and sensitivity 103 dB / mW. Velor ear cushions are connected by a strong and flexible folding overhead bridge and perfectly insulate undesirable ambient noise. Used detachable flat HDTF cable with gilded Jack 3.5 connector and reduction to Jack 6.3.

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Many years of experience and more than thirty years of tradition in the production of professional audio products have allowed Japanese Vestax developers to closely monitor the requirements of users of this technology. Based on research and with the support of a user community of DJs, they designed and manufactured new professional DJ headphones HMX-05, which will meet the demanding requirements for the quality of reproduced sound. The HMX-05 dynamic headphones are based on a closed shell design, which is equipped with new drivers ø 40 mm, each with a power of 100 mW and a sensitivity of 103 dB / mW. Comfortable, well-adaptable soft earphones with leatherette cover are combined with an articulated mechanism with a strong and at the same time flexible folding head bridge, which ensures that the headphones perfectly soundproof unwanted ambient noise and let only the music signal you want to listen to stand out.. view full description »

The design of the headphones enables brilliant high-frequency radiation, a clear presentation of the mid-frequency band and at the same time faithful and emphatic reproduction of very low frequencies, which are extremely important in contemporary modern music. The frequency range of the audio transducers is 20 Hz to 20 kHz with a tolerance of ± 0.5 dB. The HMX-05 headphones have a nominal impedance of 22 Ω.

In accordance with the latest requirements of the Vestax HMX-05, they use a detachable modern flat High-Def TF cable that prevents the otherwise so annoying headphone phenomenon, also called "cable entanglement", which is very annoying for DJs who need unlimited movement at the mixer. The cable has a length of 120 cm, which guarantees sufficient freedom of movement. The cable is equipped with a 24k gold-plated TRS 3.5 connector with the included screw reducer to the size of the TRS 6.3 connector. The headphones can of course be folded comfortably thanks to the durable joints made of aluminum alloy; this allows their convenient and safe transport. HMX-05 are made in the premium traditional design of the Vestax Japan, in a combination of white and red.



  • dynamic professional premium DJ headphones with closed shell design 
  • equipped with broadband drivers ø 40mm with power of ≈100mW 
  • articulated structure, folding strong flexible head bridge 
  • articulated folding system made of aluminum alloy 
  • excellent insulation of ambient unwanted noise 
  • adjustable span of the headphone bridge 
  • comfortable, well adaptable soft earbuds 
  • flat HDTF cable OFC, lenght 1.2 m, preventing unwanted twisting 
  • cable with straight and angled gold-plated connector TRS 3.5 
  • screw headphone reducer TRS 3.5 / TRS 6.3 
  • ideal for DJ MIDI controllers or smartphones 



Construction closed, dynamic, drivers ø 40mm
Frequency range 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz (±0,5 dB)
Sensitivy 103 dB/1 mW @ 1 kHz
Impedance 22 Ω
Max.output power 100 mW
Cable length 1,2m (flat High-Def TF, detachable cable)
Connectors TRS 3,5 stereo (gold-plated) straight / angled
Weight 265 g
Package contents headphones
screw reducer TRS 3,5 / TRS 6,3
flat HDTF cable OFC 1,2m







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