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Vestax Knob DF-06Pro GLD

Vestax Knob DF-06Pro GLD

Replacement knobs are designed for rotary faders of the Vestax mixers  PMC-06Pro VCA Series (Japan), PMC-250, PMC-400, PMC-46, PMC-55, PCV-275 or MIDI controllers TR-1 Series or limited custom series of Vestax products.

€ 15.30
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 Originální náhradní díly  Original Japan   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


For rotary faders of frequency corrections and channel segments of Vestax mixing consoles, models PMC-06Pro VCA Series (Japan) or MIDI controllers TR-1 and mixing consoles PMC-250, PMC-400, PMC-46 Series, PMC-55, PCV-275 spare plastic knobs in the "golden champagne" design with serrations and line are intended. 



  • original spare knob for rotary input channel faders mixers Vestax PMC-06Pro VCA Series (Japan Edition)
  • compatible with knobs for rotary faders mixers PMC-250, PMC-400, PMC-46, PMC-55, PCV-275
  • compatible with knobs for rotary faders MIDI controllers  Vestax TR-1 Series
  • precise quality and top parameters of original knobs by ALPHA™ Japan
  • this is a premium original part of Vestax
  • easy replacement by the user



Descript KN DF-06Pro GLD
Material Akrylnitril-Butandienstyrol (ABS)
Dimension ø 16 x 21 mm
Weight 4 g



PDF file Install and Maintenance Vestax SL/DF Knob Manual (980 kB)
PDF file General table of spare parts and accessories (2,8 MB)




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