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Vestax NEO 1.5

Vestax NEO 1.5

Original Japan high-end data cable USB class A (PCOCC conductor technology) Vestax NEO for high-speed data transfer 480 Mbps Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified from the world leader of cable manufacturers Oyaide Electronics Ltd.  This  type it is produced in a length of 1.5 meters.

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In the age of digital djing, high-quality data cables providing reliable high-speed real-time data transmission are a key success factor. High-speed real-time data transfer is often an underestimated factor, especially in live applications (whether it's a concert, a club performance or studio work), but it can get awkward. Poor cable quality can cause so much unpopular "silence" in production, and each of us will remember what happens when the music suddenly stops playing. And that's why there are NEO cables. view full description »

Japanese manufacturer of Hi-Fi audio cables, Oyaide Electronics Ltd. for Vestax designed and manufactures special USB data cables NEO Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified (meets the requirements of the standard in accordance with the transfer speed of 480 Mbps). Thanks to them, the data transfer between your digital device and the USB bus of your computer will be significantly improved. The flat structure of the stiffer construction of the NEO cable ensures the minimization of losses during data transmission, eliminates unwanted changes in impedance and the effects of static electricity on data transmission. The aluminum covers of the connectors ensure their protection against unwanted damage and unwanted oscillations on the USB buses, the double sheath of the cable shield helps to prevent interference from unwanted external influences.

The transmission quality of NEO d + cables was tested by an oscilloscope and a bit error rate tester and is shown in the so-called eye diagram commonly used in telecommunications (see the figure below). An eye diagram is a graph that mimics the function of an oscilloscope, whose time base works periodically with a speed corresponding to the modulation speed (the diagram is named after the shape it depicts - it has the shape of an eye). This diagram clearly shows the degree of degradation of the digital signal after passing through the transmission path.

The NEO cable therefore ensures trouble-free high-speed data transfer between the computer and digital devices (such as a MIDI controller). The cable effectively protects the data signal from the negative effects of electromagnetic waves generated from your computer or other electronic devices that may be in range. It is designed to compensate for the electrical attenuation of the data signal by changing the electrical conductivity while being impedance adaptive. The basis of the production technology is a material, high quality PCOCC (Pure Crystal Ohno Continuous Casting Process) conductors. As already mentioned, the housings of the USB connectors are made of pure aluminum and their terminals are gilded with 24-carat gold. They prevent unwanted oscillations and stabilize the power supply of USB buses. If you are really serious about digital djing and you care about quality, then Vestax NEO is your choice. The Vestax NEO 1.5 cable is manufactured in a length of 1.5 meters.




  • Hi-end data cable for high speed data transmission 480 Mbps Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified
  • TOP professional technology PCOCC the wires (contains 7 x 0.18 mm, 19 x 0.18 mm)
  • cable body composed of a PBT composition and 30% glass fiber; Polyolefin insulator
  • USB connector housings made of pure aluminum, USB terminals gilded with gold
  • double shielding of cable conductors; tinned wire knit, covered with ALU tape
  • eliminates data transmission losses, unwanted impedance changes, static electricity effects
  • perfectly protects the data signal from the negative influence of electromagnetic waves
  • cables equipped with USB connectors type A / B (version with Vestax logo)
  • cabel lenght 1,5 m



Type d+ USB class A, Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified
Design flat cable conductor PCOCC
Structure 19x 0,18 mm + 7x 0,18 mm
Isolation Polyolefin
Shielding double, tinned wire, aluminum tape
Body PBT a 30% proportion of glass fiber
Housing Thermoplastic Elastomers
Connectors* 1x USB type A / 1x USB type B
Material* aluminium body, 24k AU gold-plated terminals
Lenght 1,5 m ± 10%
Weight 125 g (netto)




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