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Vestax VCI-400 Overlay

Vestax VCI-400 Overlay

Original Japan factory MIDI overlay labels for professional Vestax VCI-400 four-channel MIDI controllers. Premium designed for customizing the front panel of the VCI controller using your chosen software. Overlays are made of a special self-adhesive Hitachi™ and 3M™ foil that is easily applied to the front panel of the VCI controller.

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 Originální náhradní díly  Snadná montáž   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


Original overlay labels made for the Vestax VCI-400 professional four-channel MIDI controller. The Vestax VCI-400 is an intelligent MIDI controller whose great advantage over others is the LEARN feature. This means that the controller will learn to work with every software you have been used to. The VCI-400 has over 200 optional MIDI parameters and is a Plug & Play device. The overlay labels are used to modify the descripts of the buttons and faders on the front panel of the VCI-400 controller using the software you select. This fully adapts the VCI-400 controller to the selected software and the descriptions of the buttons and faders exactly match the assigned functions. Overlays labels are made of special DLW self-adhesive plastic foil, characterized by high abrasion resistance, color fastness, surface washability and thermoplastic flexibility. Simple application on the front panel. Overlays labels are available for different types of software programs that you can use on the Vestax VCI-400 MIDI controller.



  • top branded overlay label blanks made for the professional four-channel MIDI controller VCI-400
  • sheets of special adhesive DLW plastic foil with prints, used for instrument panels
  • products of renowned companies Hitachi™ and 3M™ designed for Vestax Japan
  • high abrasion resistance, color fastness, washability and thermoplastic elasticity
  • different overlay label blanks available for different types of software programs
  • easy to apply overlay label blanks to VCI-400 front panel



Descript adhesive DLW plastic foil incl. prints, with   cutouts, specially designed for top panel of VCI-400 Series controllers
Design overlay for software Serato DJ (Hitachi™)*
Traktor (3M™)
Virtual DJ (3M™)
Virtual DJ 4 decks (3M™)
Deckadance (3M™)
Blank overlay (3M™)
Assembly self-adhesive DLW plastic foil, THS. 0,22mm / *) 0,38mm
Dimension blank - sheet A4
Weight 4 g / *) 6g



PDF soubor Vestax VCI-400 - software quide (6,2 MB)
PDF soubor Vestax VCI-400 - label tooling (212 kB)




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  1. Otázka k článku Overlayfolie VCI-400 (Artur Hülsmeier, 10 Oct 2017 12:42:32) Reply | Show replies

    Ahoj, je k dispozici článek Overlay Folie VCI-400? Je možné dodávku do Německa? Pozdrav Artur Hülsmeier

    1. Re: Otázka k článku Overlayfolie VCI-400 (ADMIN, 27 Oct 2017 21:13:21) Reply

      Hi Artur. Yes. OVERLAY for VCI-400 avaible on stock. Version 1)SERATO DJ, 2)TRAKTOR or 3)VIRTUAL DJ. Delivery to Germany is possible.

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