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Vestax PDX-3000 30th.ANN (d)

Vestax PDX-3000 30th.ANN (d)

Turntable with Direct Drive, high torque motor, controlled by 32-bit CPU processor and digital servo. MIDI interface, linear A.S.T.S. arm with adjustable extra pressure on the tip, pitch control up to ±60%, reverse, start/stop acceleration and torque settings. Limited Edition.

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Vestax has been producing professional turntables for over 25 years. During this time, he gained a lot of experience and in the field of professional turntables for djing, he was the only competitor of the legendary Technics, which, however, stopped production. Vestax has upgraded its successful PDX series of turntables with a direct drive, adding, among other things, the possibility of control via the MIDI interface. The best parameters from previous models have been retained. To mark the 30th anniversary of its founding, Vestax produced a special limited edition PDX-3000 30thANN (30th Anniversary) turntable. The best that Vestax has achieved in the field of professional turntables has come together in this limited anniversary model. The entire chassis of the turntable is made of a special hardened ABS polymer with polycarbonate elements with an ingenious system of internal torsion bars and stiffeners, which enables good isolation from unwanted feedback. The "legs" of the turntable have been upgraded on this turntable. Their core now consists of specially shaped amorphous rubber for effective absorption of unwanted shocks and a special air pocket that prevents feedback at very low frequencies. view full description »

Extremely powerful 24-pole synchronous Direct Drive motor with Quartz system and torque (up to 4.7 kg/cm) reaches constant speed in 0.5 sec. after pressing the Start button. The engine speed is sensed and constantly checked using a digital servo, controlled by a 32 bit CPU processor. Thanks to this technological innovation, the combination of a DC motor with a digital servo and the modification of the entire casting of the turntable, the Japanese Vestax optimized the ratio between the own weight of the turntable and its inertia. Thanks to this design solution, playing the PDX-3000 30thANN has become even more pleasant and accurate. The turntable has an LED indication of the choice of nominal revolutions.

The turntable is equipped with a linear Anti Skipping Tone-arm System (A.S.T.S.) arm  with adjustable extra pressure on the tip of the pickup, the so-called DSP (Dynamic Stylus Pressure) for the best possible sound and minimizing stress on the tip of the pickup due to physical centrifugal and centripetal forces acting on the tip sensing the groove of the turntable as it rotates. A.S.T.S. the linear arm ensures high sound quality and a stable recording process from the turntable. This whole original system A.S.T.S. it is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and was designed by experienced developers specifically for Vestax. A.S.T.S. system it is popular worldwide, which is a testament to its quality, and of course Vestax has it protected by US patents. Extra pressure on the DSP tip of up to 5 grams with the possibility of continuous regulation for this arm ensures that even with extreme turntablism, the contact of the tip and the turntable groove is 100% guaranteed.

The analog part of the record player was also modified. Over the past 10 years of turntable development, Vestax has come up with a noticeably better use of motor torque. 2 basic torque control modes can be set for the turntable. Mix mode, which enables precise speed control even with the slightest touch on the plate, and Performance mode (PFM), which, on the other hand, keeps a stable speed regardless of external factors. Any ratio between these two modes can be set using the rotary fader. Another parameter that the user can influence on the record player is the setting of the acceleration of the braking torque of the motor and the electric brake, i.e. the stop or start of the record player's platter. This parameter is also adjusted using the Brake Adjust rotary potentiometer. The turntable has a basic 100mm linear fader pitch control ±10% and in addition a second short 45mm linear fader as ultrapitch in the range ±50%. By combining the two, we work with a speed change range of up to 60%. Another function of the turntable is reverse or Quartz Lock. The most interesting feature on the Vestax PDX-3000 30thANN is certainly the possibility of connecting to another device using a MIDI interface and controlling the turntable via integrated MIDI.

infoidea Tip: this product is refurbished and after service inspection with standard warranty.

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  • professional Japanese turntable with Direct Drive, Quartz System / Control Provement Drive, Limited Edition 30th ANN
  • extreme motor torque, controlled by a 32 bit CPU processor connected to a digital servo  
  • 2 linear ALPS faders of continuous speed change: 100 mm (pitch ±10%), 45 mm (pitch ±50%)
  • optimization of the ratio between the weight of the turntable and the torque of the motor 
  • torque control and torque setting of the electronic disc brake 
  • engine reverse button, LED indication of nominal speed selection
  • height-adjustable linear tone arm A.S.T.S. (Anti Skipping Tone arm System, US patent)
  • pressure on the tip extended via additional DSP System (Dynamic Stylus Presure)
  • MIDI interface / DIN connector (possibility to control the turntable via any MIDI device) 
  • robust legs with rubber and air bags (better absorption of undesirable factors) 
  • chassis made of pressure ABS polymer with torsional reinforcements for better stability and durability 
  • TRS 3.5 output for remote control (START / STOP remote control) 
  • accessories: original slipmat Samurai Japan, LED lamp DSL-1 
  • C-Stock, excellent condition with new ALPS fine pitch fader
  • shipped in the TT packaging (box)



Engine 24-pole syncro-motor, digital servo Quartz System, controlled by 32 bit CPU processor
Drive type Direct Drive
Torque >4,7 kg/cm
Nominal speed 33⅓ ot/min, 45 ot/min
Start-up RPM 0,5 sec. (33⅓ ot) 70°
Speed inaccuracy    <0,07% W.R.M.S
Pitch / Ultrapitch ±10% / ±50%
Tone Arm A.S.T.S. (Anti Skipping Tone arm System), straight with DSP (Dynamic Stylus Presure)
Max.pressure on the tip  ≤7 g / additional  +5 g via DSP
Frequency range 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz (±3 dB)
Crosstalk  >65 dB
Signal/Noise >78 dB (IEC 98WTD)
Power AC 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption  10 W
Dimension 454 x 162 x 365 mm
Weight 9,5 kg (netto)
Accessories LED lamp DSL-1,  slipmat Vestax WHT Japan



USER MANUALVestax PDX-3000 30th ANN - user manual






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