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Vestax PDX arm base KIT SLV

Vestax PDX arm base KIT SLV

For the Vestax PDX-2000/3000 MkII Pro Series turntables and other models have a original Japan replacement base for attaching the PDX-3000 straight turntable arm.

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 Original Japan  Doporučeno využít autoriz.servis  Originální náhradní díly   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


For the Vestax PDX-2000/3000 MKII Series turntables is designed a replacement tone arm base in black matte color. It serves to attach the axial joint of the straight (or curved) A.S.T.S. PDX-3000 Series turntable arm, with height adjustment using locking screw. The arm base is supplied separately without tone arm, without counterweight and without decorative chrome annulus incl. washers and screws; supplied also without locking miniature screws (these parts can be ordered separately only in our service). Description of components. Only for Vestax authorized repairers and authorized service centers.

infoidea Tip: if you are unsure, consult our customer support before purchasing.



  • replacement tone arm base in black matte color with height adjustment using locking screw
  • for the straight or curved (S-arm / J-arm) A.S.T.S. System tone arms
  • for the Vestax PDX-2000/3000 MKII Series turntables
  • we recommend a professional service for installation



Aplication PDX-2000MkII, PDX-3000, PDX-3000MkII, QFO-LE, QFO-LE DX
Species binary brass in combination with aluminum alloy, anodizing, black color finish
Components 2801 arm base
4431 driver heigth adjustment
4441 sustainer tube bearings
Dimension ø 122 x 38 mm / axial.storage ø 11 x 26 mm
Weight 145 g (netto)
Accessories assembly instructions



PDF soubor Vestax original parts - manuál (0 kB)




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