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Vestax TT.RB turntable foot

Vestax TT.RB turntable foot

For Vestax PDX-2000 Series turntables and older products PDX-A1 / D3 Series models is designed replacement leg with rubber shockproof insulator concept (RB), complete KIT with mounting screw.

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 Originální náhradní díly  Snadná montáž  Made in Japan   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


Special leg with anti-vibration construction and a mechanical damping element RB (rubber shockproof insulator concept) is intended for Vestax PDX-2000 and PDX-A1 / PDX-D3 Series turntables. The leg is equipped with a mounting screw for attachment to the chassis of a turntable with a metric thread M6. Compatible with PDX-2000 Series turntables and older PDX-A1 or PDX-D3 Series models; it can be used with the QFO / QFO LE series or with the Vestax BT Series BT-2500 and BT-2600 turntables. Designed not only for professional repair shops and authorized Vestax service, the user can easily replace it. 

The Japanese manufacturer points out that only original spare parts TT.AVB (antivibration insulator concept) must be used for the Vestax PDX turntable to function properly - otherwise, unwanted errors may occur such as the transmission of vibration or spurious noise to the audio signal from the PDX turntable.

infoideaUse only original Vestax TT.AVB foot (insulator) otherwise, unwanted turntable errors may occur.



  • spare leg with RB concept damping elements for Vestax PDX-2000 turntables (version only until 2001) 
  • can be used for Vestax turntables PDX-A1 / A1MkII Series, PDX-D3 / D3MkII Series
  • can be used for Vestax BDT-2500 Series turntables, BT-2600 Series (older vs.) 
  • anti-vibration design with pneumatic damping element 
  • fitted with mounting screw with M6 thread 
  • simple and quick installation 



Specification PDX-2000 Series, PDX-A1, PDX-D3, BT-2500 / 2600 Series
Material Rubber-Butandienstyrol (RB) / rubber FPM 50 (Viton)
Dimension ø 46 x 25 mm (btto) / ø 21 mm (throat)
Weight 35 g (netto)
Accessories rubber washer M6, assembly instructions 



PDF soubor Vestax original parts - manual (0 kB)




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