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Vestax PDX A counterweight

Vestax PDX A counterweight

For Vestax PDX-2000/3000 Series turntables, model the ASTS counterweight PDX replacement weight is designed to balance the arm of the dial with the locking ring in black.

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 Original Japan  Originální náhradní díly  Snadná montáž  
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For Vestax PDX-2000 and PDX-3000 Series turntables, the original PDX ASTS counterweight is designed to the balance of the tone arm, with a rotating ring with scale to precision adjust the pressure on the stylus. Inside the PDX ASTS counterweight is special threaded volute for guiding on the tone arm Vestax. Counterweight is designed in black colour. The item is supplied separately without a pick-up and tone arm. For use only by Vestax authorized repairers and authorized service centers.



  • replaceable counterweight with detent rotating ring with scale to adjust the pressure on the stylus
  • original Vestax Japan part made of high quality binary brass, anodized black matt finish
  • for Vestax PDX-2000/3000 Series turntables and QFO hybrid turntables
  • simple & quickly user installation



Specification PDX-2000, PDX-2000MkII, PDX-3000, PDX-3000MkII, QFO-LE, QFO-LE DX.
Design high quality binary brass, anodized black matt finish
Dimension o 31,7 x 29 mm / o 12,6 mm (inner diameter)
Weight 125 g (netto)
Accessories instructions to balance the stylus



PDF soubor Vestax original parts - manual (0 kB)




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  1. Vestax PDX-A1 counter weight (Carlos Rojas, 6 Jun 2020 06:13:11) Reply

    Do you carry the PDX-A1 Mark II counter weight?

  2. Vestax pdx counterweight (Slawomir Czachorowski, 4 Sep 2021 08:41:40) Reply

    Hi, what is a total cost of shipping to United Kingdom?(I mean any additional after brexit)
    Kind Regards
    Slawomir Czachorowski

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